A Complete Revision Plan For NEET-UG

Nov 18, 2021

NEET-UG Revision Plan

A revision plan is a crucial part of NEET-UG preparation. The significance of revision is double. Firstly, it helps you remember concepts, facts, figures, and methodologies. Secondly, it will increase your confidence and reduce anxiety and make you exam day ready. 

As soon as the D-Day arrives, what only matters is how a student revises the entire NEET syllabus and how smartly the students manage time for revision. Aspirants should know that NEET-UG revision is the key factor of its preparation, but every aspirant has their own revision pattern and should act accordingly. A NEET aspirant can go through the complete revision plan for NEET-UG and take advantage of it. 

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Today, we will discuss the most effective revision plan for the NEET-UG entrance exam to revise the entire NEET syllabus in the remaining time before the NEET exam. 

Have a look at the complete revision plan for NEET-UG here:

1. Identify your Productivity Time

Candidates are recommended to identify their productive hours daily; these hours may be at night or day. Then, act according to your convenience. Students are generally active, motivated, energetic, and highly productive during productive hours, and they work at their most challenging and creative tasks. Make sure to be entirely focused and concentrated during revision time. 

2. Create a Revision Plan

Once you realise your productive time, it's time to create a revision plan with realistic goals. An excellent preparation strategy always pays off, so devote more time to those topics in which you are weak. Refer to only good study material and allot revision time to each subject equally. Always remember good planning can help you to realise your goals effectively.

3. Revise According to NEET-UG Exam Routine

Without a proper preparation routine, you can't score well. So, after identifying the productive hours, candidates should make a daily routine as studying concepts requires good discipline and time management. Keep in mind the following tips for revising for NEET-UG:

  • A balanced breakfast is a must.
  • Take small breaks in between revisions. 
  • Take a power nap.
  • Do physical exercise, as it increases your blood circulation.
  • Listen to some soothing music and have a good sleep.

4. Small Revision Sessions

Students should break down their revision sessions into small series with short breaks. All this is necessary because doing so will increase the concentration level and keep your mind fresh. Many studies have shown that taking breaks between the revision hour makes students mentally relaxed and boosts their concentration.

5. Revise From Own Notes

Students should revise the concepts with the help of their own notes. Candidates can efficiently retain the concepts in detail while revising for NEET from their own notes. Candidates are advised to go through the revision notes as the notes are more specific and easily understandable.

6. Revise With NCERT Books

You should revise the NCERT textbooks as most of the questions are directly asked from these books. Revising with NCERT textbooks helps you score good marks. So, please focus on the crucial diagrams, notes and concepts of NCERT as it is easy to understand and very beneficial.

7. A Perfect Practice

Revising the plan for NEET-UG also requires aspirants to practice the concept regularly. Practising mock tests and sample papers help aspirants to manage their time well for the NEET-UG entrance test. You will learn the NEET exam pattern, difficulty level of the questions, time management skills and much more. You can join PrepTests for extensive NEET-UG practice.

8. Evaluate Revision Progress

Evaluation of NEET preparation is crucial and required. Mock tests, sample papers and previous years question papers are needed to revise smoothly. After revising and attempting questions, you can estimate your progress level and learn where you stand. Moreover, you can readily learn about the sections you need to improve. With the regular track over the preparation evaluation, candidates will be highly benefited.

9. Clear Your Doubts and Queries

Suppose you have any doubts or queries, clear all of them with your NEET-UG mentors, teachers, seniors or friends. While revising, note down your doubts in a notebook and ask your educators; don't pile them up as these will be trouble for you in the future. 

Subject wise revision strategy for NEET-UG

NEET aspirants can go through the below mentioned NEET-UG subject wise revision plan:

Revision for NEET Biology

  • Revise all diagrams, flowcharts and tables from NCERT textbooks thoroughly.
  • Read plant kingdoms, animal kingdom, plant morphology, plant anatomy, and animal tissue examples from NCERT.
  • Practice from NCERT textbooks as much as you can.

Revision for NEET Physics

  • Solve mock tests, previous year's question papers and sample papers.
  • Practice more numerical problems. 
  • Read NCERT thoroughly.

Revision for NEET Chemistry

  • Solve mock tests, question banks, and previous year question papers.
  • Learn all formulas and reaction mechanisms.
  • Read NCERT thoroughly.

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