Time Management Tips for NEET UG Preparation

Jun 30, 2021

Time Management Tips for NEET UG

Time Management plays a very important role in your NEET-UG preparation. A majority of the NEET aspirants find themselves juggling with time to manage between school studies, coaching classes and daily activities. While you need to study different subjects and complete the entire syllabus in a certain time frame, it is also very crucial to take out enough time to relax.
In this blog, are a few tips that will enable you to utilize your time more efficiently to get the desired rank in the NEET exam.  Also, if you’re wondering when to start your preparation - Here are a few pointers that will inform you about when and how to kick start your NEET 2021 exam preparation

Time Management Tips and Tricks for NEET

1) Prioritize Your Tasks

First and foremost be well informed about the NEET UG 2021: Exam Pattern, Exam Duration, Syllabus, and Important Dates.  Once you’re well aware of it, set aside chapters that carry the highest weightage and make these your topmost priority. Try to complete the important and long topics first as they will take up most of your time. 

2) Make A Check List

Write down your daily tasks in form of a checklist and in it mention every task that you plan to do that day. Apart from your study, make sure to keep some time to relax which will refresh and rejuvenate you and keep you from being oversaturated. 

3) Set Realistic Goals

Your goals should be feasible to complete within the allotted time. Do not make unrealistic goals that will only mess up your NEET exam schedule and will disappoint you. However, building realistic goals and achieving them will help to keep you motivated.

4) Bid Adieu To Distractions

Cracking the NEET exam requires hard work, determination coupled with smart work. So, to crack the exam you need to be focused only on your goals and let go of anything that may be a potential distraction and might hinder you in your preparation. It would be best to keep your mobile phones and internet off while you study. If you’re studying online, make sure to keep your device on flight mode to avoid viewing or taking any kind of notifications or calls during your study time. 

5) Keep Extra Time

Do not overburden yourself, take proper rest and keep some extra time in your study schedule for breaks and unforeseen circumstances. Be a little flexible with your schedule knowing that during the course of your preparation, you might have to make certain. So, be prepared for this from the beginning. Don’t fall into the trap of rushing through the syllabus to complete it on time as you’ll just be wasting time since you won’t register the concepts properly.  

6) Stay Healthy

Do not neglect your health. Yes, preparing for the NEET exam is quite stressful but make sure to get enough sleep. Do not deprive yourself of sleep as it will only make it difficult for you to concentrate the next day. Keep your mind, body, and soul well-rested.

We hope the above mentioned time management tips for NEET will make it easier for you to build a realistic study schedule in a given time frame to yield the best results in your NEET UG exam. Here are a few more Tips and Tricks for NEET-UG 2021 Preparation.

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