NEET-UG Preparation Tips By Toppers

Nov 12, 2021

Tips by NEET toppers

NEET-UG is one of the most challenging and competitive entrance exams across India. Many students wish to crack NEET-UG leaving no stone unturned in their preparation. The competition is getting tougher every year. Despite this, NEET aspirants can clear the exam with the right attitude, guidance, and hard work. Candidates should aim high to crack the exam with good scores.

In this blog, we will discuss and bring some of the best tips, tricks, ideologies that NEET toppers have followed to reach the peak of success.

Here are the NEET-UG preparation tips by toppers:

1. Know All About the NEET Exam

Before starting anything else, learn the NEET exam. Research well about exam pattern, marking scheme, time duration, weightage, important topics etc. Moreover, know your weak areas, mistakes and your strong areas. Work on your mistakes and master them.

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2. Study Plan by NEET Toppers

According to NEET toppers, you should carefully create a clear and feasible study plan after setting goals and gathering all the information because strict and constant discipline is essential to crack the NEET exam. While designing a study schedule, cover the following points: 

  • Balance time between board exams and NEET preparation. If you are in +2, allocate time for NEET separately.
  • Divide time equally for all four subjects – Chemistry, Physics, Botany and Zoology
  • Consider small breaks
  • Set realistic targets and work on them daily
  • Adhere to your plan and track your progress
  • Subject wise split time, focus on subjects that require attention and don't ignore any subject (even if you don't find it interesting)

3. Pick the Best NEET Books

The crucial part of NEET-UG preparation is choosing the best books. According to NEET toppers, do not refer to multiple study materials to get confused. Instead, refer to some of the best books, where you can get complete knowledge. Study NCERT books thoroughly because many questions come directly from NCERT books. You should have some good reference books for all three subjects. Most students don't take up coaching; such students can adhere to some online mock tests series and question banks

4. Master the Syllabus

Do not juggle between multiple study materials; stick to authentic and comprehensive study materials. Never ignore NCERT textbooks, instead read them thoroughly because there is no substitute for NCERT. Master the syllabus by clearing your concepts, as it will help set the base of your preparation. In addition, solve previous year's questions, mock tests and modules to master the syllabus. After completing NCERT books, refer to some standard reference books to practice questions.

Most Important Topics for NEET-UG:

Biology: Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology & Environment, Morphology, Reproduction, Basics of Biotechnology, Physiology of Animals & Plants

Chemistry: Periodic Table, Mole Concept, General Organic Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry.

Physics: Mechanics, Optics, Nuclear Physics, and Thermodynamics.

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5. Find a NEET Mentor

Mentors provide you with constructive criticism to strengthen your NEET preparation. They encourage you to improve your strategic plan to reach your goals better. A mentor dedicates enough time to interact, focus, and understand every student personally. So, seek online assistance to get proper guidance, doubts clarification, right preparation strategy, revisions tips, and tricks that are helpful in NEET. 

6. Solve Mock Tests

Try to solve as many mock tests and previous years question papers as you can regularly to excel in the exam. After solving the question paper, cross-check the answers. Overall, do analyze your mistakes in NEET mock tests and understand why and how you made mistakes. Work on the mistake again and again and solve its related problems. 

Solving mock tests streamlines your preparation, teaches you time management skills, analyses your progress and performance, and prepares you for exam day. It also reveals your mistakes and weak areas. Mock tests help to reduce your exam day anxiety.

7. Prepare Notes

One of the best ways to sharpen your memory is to prepare your notes while studying. Pen down important information, formulas, and diagrams clearly, and then revise them later. It will also support you during the revision phase. Your notes are your last minute revision tools. 

8. Revise Religiously

Once you have cleared your concepts and have mastered them, now it's time to revise properly. Include revision time in your daily study plan to revise, learn and understand topics deeply.  

Proper revision extends your understanding and enhances your conceptual transparency. It boosts your confidence level while solving questions. Therefore, take up as many mock tests and sample papers to revise extensively.  

NEET toppers believe in strengthening the preparation more smartly instead of delaying the exam for the next attempt. Cracking NEET-UG is not just about hard work, but also it requires smart work as there will be over lakhs of students attempting the exam. Moreover, you will be less stressed when you know every critical information before your final exam day. 

We hope NEET-UG preparation tips by toppers will boost your confidence and lessen your worries. Your NEET preparation journey is evidence of your dedication and passion towards the medical profession. Now all you need to do is leap to success with an effective plan and PrepLadder.

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