NEET-UG Custom Module Is Here!

Oct 21, 2021

NEET-UG custom module

Dreamers, come and say hello to your much-awaited NEET-UG Custom Module, which is finally here! It is something way better. Now, you can organise your NEET-UG entrance exam preparation with this incredible custom module so that you can practice effortlessly! 

PrepLadder is always looking for diversified approaches to improve your NEET-UG preparation. Therefore, in this process, our latest extension is NEET-UG Custom Module.

PrepLadder NEET-UG Custom Module

NEET-UG custom module contains an ordered collection of the content like test series, MCQs, and QBank. It supports the objectives and themes of the NEET-UG course for your unlimited practice. Explore the content as per your mood, pace and convenience to personalise your exam preparation seamlessly.

How Does the PrepLadder NEET-UG Custom Module Make Your Preparation Journey Unique?

The prime purpose of the PrepLadder NEET-UG custom module is to support you with exceptional and self-paced learning techniques. PrepLadder NEET-UG custom module is a complete resource for NEET-UG preparation. You can access practice questions wherever you go to transform your preparation from beginner to advanced level. 

How Does PrepLadder NEET-UG Custom Module Work?

Let's say you are preparing for the topic "Biodiversity" and want to check your preparation level by solving related questions. You can easily create a customised QBank for this topic and solve it. 

Here are the steps to customise NEET-UG questions:

1.Select the number of questions on a particular topic, "Biodiversity".

2. Choose the difficulty level of questions from Easy/Medium/Hard options according to your preparation level.

3. Now choose the type of questions with the exam tags after selecting the difficulty level. For example, you can select from #NEET, #Previous Year Questions, #AIIMS, #AFMC, #JIPMER etc exam tags.

4. Then, you can select from MCQs categories like- Bookmarked, Unattempted, Incorrect, Attempted, Percentage Completion.

5. Once you have made all the required selections per your needs, you can now quickly solve the problems.

6. Re-attempt bookmarked and incorrect questions.

7. You can name your custom modules.

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Hence, NEET-UG Custom Module is the perfect tool crafted by subject matter experts and NEET-UG Dream Team to give you a pleasant learning experience and a bonus to your preparation.

Upgrade your NEET-UG preparation strategy, start practising and enjoy quality learning like never before with PrepLadder. It aims to provide you with endless possibilities to practice, prepare, learn, and crack NEET-UG. You get comprehensive study material, engaging video lectures, custom modules and test series in the online NEET-UG preparation platform. It's time to experience the exclusive practice material with the best app for NEET-UG. 

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