How to Crack NEET Exam With a Good Rank?

Jul 15, 2021

Crack NEET UG with a good rank

Cracking the NEET exam with a good rank requires consistent hard work, along with following a disciplined study schedule, completing your assignments on time and much more. To bag your dream UG seat you need to prepare a proper study schedule that will give proper time to all three subjects equally. Follow the pointers mentioned below to achieve an exceptional rank in the NEET exam. Before starting your preparation be aware of the NEET-UG 2021: Exam Pattern, Exam Duration, Syllabus, Important Dates

Bag your Dream UG seat With An Exceptional Rank

1. Grasp The Concepts & Practice Questions

The NEET-UG exam tests your concepts. If your foundation isn’t strong then you will not be able to rise. It is important to be built upon a strong conceptual foundation.  Be through with NCERT and the study material from an online coaching centre for grasping theory and solving problems. Want to know How to prepare for NEET-UG in 3 months?

2. Think Out Of The Box

Think of different ways of solving the MCQ problems. After solving a question, refer to the solution to find if there is a better way to solve the question. Online tutoring portals give you the liberty to check for different solutions to the same answer. 

3. Focus On The NEET syllabus

Make sure to learn topics that are within the NEET syllabus. Do not study so much that you’re unable to retain it. Once you have NCERT on your tips, then study extra. But, do not get too much information that you won’t be able to understand. Know when to start preparing for NEET.

4. Time Management Is The Key For A Good Rank

Time management skills are a must to score well in the NEET exam. You must opt for the NEET online test series that provides detailed in depth analysis of tests where you can look at the time spent on each question and section. This will help you to work on your mistakes to avoid making them on the D day. 

5. Solve Questions With Speed & Accuracy

Speed is a major factor in clearing the NEET exam. Speed coupled with accuracy will enable you to solve MCQs quickly in less time. So, keep on practising as many questions as you can before the final exam. 

6. Doubt Clearing Should Be Done Instantly

Don’t neglect or delay any topic just because it is difficult to understand. Make sure to get all your doubts cleared from your faculties; do not keep them piled up. Online coaching portals give you access to easily get your doubts resolved from your teachers with just a click away. Make the most of it and don’t lag behind. 

7. Don’t Be Scared of Making Mistakes

Learn from your mistakes. It’s better to make them before the exam rather than making them on the day of the exam. When you make a mistake in a mock test, note it down and make sure not to repeat it again. This would help you score higher in the NEET exam and not make the same mistakes again.

8. Revise Smartly 

Make your own class notes and revise them regularly till the day of your exam. The more you revise, the more your mind will retain the concepts.  This will save you a lot of time and boost your confidence. 

9. Remain Confident

Being optimistic and being confident will help you not panic during difficult times. These are qualities that NEET toppers. So, keep your cool and trust your preparation. 

10. Fix Your Eyes On the Prize

Cracking the NEET exam requires hard work and it requires determination. So, take your goals seriously and do not be distracted. Get online coaching and guidance from mentors. 

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