How to prepare for NEET UG in 3 months?

Jul 09, 2021

Tips to prepare for NEET UG/ PrepLadder UG

Do you have that zeal to crack the national-level medical entrance test this year? Well, this is the reason you landed this page. Most of the students think that scoring great marks in the NEET UG exam is difficult. However, cracking this exam is not that much hard at all.

In this article, we will tell you how to prepare for the NEET UG in 3 months. National Testing Agency (NTA) is the regulatory body conducting the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Clearing this exam makes you eligible to get admissions in MBBS, BDS, and all AYUSH courses. AIIMS and JIPMER will also be considered under the criteria of NEET this year. However, a well-organized approach to your final exam preparation will help you complete everything just on time.

So, the question is how to prepare for the entrance exam in 3 months? The first thing you have to do for cracking the exam in 3 months is to mark the dates for NEET-UG 2021 on your calendar.

Here are few tips for you - 

1. Clear Basic Concepts 

Concepts are to be understood thoroughly, not just mugged up. As one concept is linked to another, understanding every single topic will develop clarity in your mind. Moreover, it will assist you in establishing those connecting dots. Foundation concepts help you develop a concrete knowledge base and make you ready to tackle the extended topics based on those foundation elements. Once you thoroughly understand all the topics,  you will be ready to implement those learnings and make the best use of them.

2. Top Study Material

If you have a look at previous year's question papers of NEET-UG, you will find that almost 80% to 85% of the questions are extracted from the NCERT books. Therefore, the experts consider these books as the significant study material one might need to crack the NEET. Aside from the NCERT books, having fundamental practice books with you is an added benefit. Many professional academicians have listed the best books for NEET that have proven to be pretty useful by the previous NEET toppers.

3. Constant Practice

Now that you have the list of best books and important chapters, the only thing left now is to give your efforts and inputs. Your hard work and practice will determine your admission to your desired medical college. Exercise a lot of practice modules to improve your test-taking skills. You will come to know your ability to solve the question paper within a set limit of time. Exceeding your time frames means you require more practice and speed. There are many online learning platforms offering dozens of test series for medical aspirants. It helps students to excel in their entrance exam preparation timely.

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4. Attempt Mock Tests

We advise you to start attempting frequent mock tests once you have completed your entire syllabus. It is the fourth step of your exam preparation. Taking regular mock tests will help analyze your preparation. It will help evaluate yourself and your performance. Also, it will mark your strong and weak areas and help you improvise.

5. Solve Previous Year Papers

No exam preparation is complete without having a look at the previous year's question papers. You can know what type of questions usually come by solving the previous year's question papers. It will help you get a feel and taste of what the real exam will be.

6. Stick to a Timetable

The next step is to prepare a 3-month schedule until the exam day. You have to make a practical timetable which will be your exam preparation strategy for the next 3 months. Preparing your customized timetable would hardly take 30 minutes. One benefit of having a timetable is that it will ensure each topic gets the attention while leaving enough room for mock tests, revision, and solving sample papers. Follow your timetable religiously.

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7. Revision

The next step in your exam preparation is ample time for revision. You should figure out the amount of time required to revise a subject or topic. Calculate the number of hours that you will require to revise Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. On average, you should spend a minimum of 1 hour on revision daily. As you have only 3 months, try to make the most of this time and minimize the time on breaks.

8. Recreational Activities

Dedicate some time to your hobbies, for instance, playing with pets, painting, dancing, sports, watching movies, and music. It will break the monotony and will help you stay focused and motivated on your studies. 

Staying disciplined, and dedicated is the most important thing you can do. If you do not stick to the timetable and are not well organized for your preparation, you might end up losing this precious time before the final exam. You can crack the NEET-UG 2021 in 3 months only if you stay focused. Moreover, try to surround yourself with positivity. Lastly, do not give up; believe in yourself! 

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