Best Chemistry Books For NEET-UG

Dec 06, 2021

Best NEET-UG Chemistry Books

Students who want to score exceptional marks in the NEET-UG Chemistry section must seek the best Chemistry books. Usually, NEET aspirants don't find Chemistry very interesting. However, it holds a weightage of 25% in NEET-UG and thus cannot be overlooked and therefore, it becomes crucial to choose the right and the best books. Students need to make a wise choice for the NEET books for the Chemistry section to better prepare for the Chemistry section. The books that students opt for preparing for the NEET exam determine their success. The Biology section carries the most weightage, but do not underestimate the importance of the Chemistry section in NEET. 

Which Chemistry books are best for NEET-UG? Where do I clear my doubts and build my concepts? But don’t worry NEET aspirants, we are here to help you with the best books for your NEET-UG Chemistry preparation. 

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NEET-UG Chemistry Exam Pattern

The NEET-UG question paper has a total of 200 questions. There are 50 questions each in Chemistry and Physics sections and 100 questions in Biology (50 questions in Zoology and 50 questions in Botany). Hence, the NEET Chemistry syllabus is 25% of the whole NEET-UG syllabus and requires a good combination of practice and hard work. Let's have a glance at the NEET-UG examination pattern before moving ahead:

ChemistryNumber of QuestionsMarking Scheme
Chemistry Section A35140
Chemistry Section B1540
Total100 (attempt 90 questions)180

Need of NEET-UG Chemistry Reference Books

1. Since NCERT books only build your concepts, you will also need other reference books to crack NEET-UG, finally enhancing your knowledge. 

2. The NEET-UG Chemistry section contains multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and using only NCERT books will not help you solve the MCQs accurately. Therefore, it is necessary to practice objective books other than NCERT textbooks.

3. Reference books assist you in solving the questions within the given specified time.

4. These reference books will help you understand the exam pattern, marking scheme, the difficulty level of the exam, and other examination features.

Features of A Good Reference Book

For an extensive practice of NEET Chemistry, proper guidance is necessary. Therefore, there are some books most recommended by the NEET-UG toppers and subject experts. So, before buying any book, consider the following points:

  • It should clear your fundamentals.
  • It should be self-explanatory, offer a good practice medium, and strengthen concepts. 
  • It should help in building plans to solve problems with speed and accuracy.

To obtain a perfect score in the NEET-UG Chemistry section, it is essential to find out the books that will help you learn Chemistry subject efficiently. There are plentiful Chemistry books available in the market, which generally leads to a struggle, and thus it becomes confusing and misleading to choose the right books. Therefore, to help you get the best Chemistry books for NEET-UG, we have made a list of some books which are the best for practising questions, building concepts and clearing your doubts. This latest analysis of the best NEET-UG Chemistry books will help you select the best books among others.

A.Physical Chemistry
1.NCERT Textbook Chemistry, volume 1 & 2NCERTExcellent for building concepts and clearing doubts.
 2.Problems in Physical Chemistry P. BahadurExcellent for reading theory. It has a good number of solved problems.
3.A textbook of Physical Chemistry O.P TandonIt covers both theoretical and It also has numerous solved numerical and practice papers, a log table and an antilog table.
B.Organic Chemistry
1.NCERT textbooks Chemistry, volume 1 & 2NCERTExcellent for building concepts and clearing doubts.
2.Objective Organic ChemistryArihant publicationsGood for practicing and solving problems
3.Concepts of Organic ChemistryO.P. TandonGood for learning new concepts, nomenclature, structures and reactions. It helps students build a strong foundation and it contains NEET pattern questions designed after  the previous years' papers.
4.Organic ChemistryMorrison and BoydExcellent for learning and practising reaction mechanisms. It is great for in-depth theory.
C.Inorganic Chemistry
1.Concise Inorganic Chemistry for NEETJ.D LeeGood for topics- Chemical Bonding, Atomic Structure and Coordination Chemistry.
2.NCERT textbook Chemistry, volume 1 & 2NCERTExcellent for building concepts and clearing doubts.
3.A textbook of Inorganic ChemistryO.P. TandonIt has comprehensive theory and covers almost all the topics of NEET syllabus and contains a good number of problems to practice.

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Chemistry is considered the easiest subject among all the three NEET subjects, and it is the most scoring as per NEET-UG toppers and experts. As the Chemistry section has conceptual questions as well as numerical questions, you need to prepare from NCERT first, and then completing NCERT books, you can gradually move to other reference books to practice and gain confidence in Chemistry section.  As per the analysis of the previous year question papers, the inorganic chemistry section is generally the easiest one when compared with the other two sections and consists of theoretical questions. Whereas, the organic Chemistry section needs to be practised more and requires high-end revisions. 

Furthermore, you can clear your concepts and doubts from the PrepLadder's NEET-UG Chemistry educators with their engaging video lectures and unique teaching strategies.

Studying from a good set of books for NEET-UG Physics preparation supports students getting in-depth knowledge and provides them with extra knowledge that finally helps them score more. In addition, the right books have a precise explanation of Physics topics which build the fundamentals of NEET aspirants. 

Furthermore, to gain mastery in NEET-UG Physics concepts, you can practice with PrepLadder. It has a comprehensive series of mock tests, custom modules, and QBank based on the actual exam pattern. And, you can learn and build new concepts and clear all your doubts with the engaging videos by expert educators of Dream Team. 

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