Best Biology Books For NEET-UG

Nov 26, 2021

Top NEET-UG Biology Books

NEET aspirants who aim to score excellent marks in the NEET-UG Biology section must search for the best Biology books that can benefit them. The biology syllabus is vast and theoretical. So, to score well in the Biology section, aspirants should have in-depth knowledge about this subject. 

What are the best NEET-UG Biology books to refer to? Where do I build my conceptual knowledge? Where to practice NEET-UG Biology questions? But don’t worry, because we will help you with the best books for your NEET-UG Biology preparation. 

Let's have a look at the NEET-UG examination pattern first:

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NEET-UG Biology Pattern

The NEET-UG question paper consists of a total of 200 questions. There will be 50 questions each in Physics and Chemistry and 100 questions in Biology (50 in Botany and 50 in Zoology). Therefore, the Biology section is the scoring because it constitutes half of the NEET-UG syllabus with 100 questions. 

BiologyNumber of QuestionsMarking Scheme
Botany Section A35140
Botany Section B1540
Zoology Section A35140
Zoology Section B1540
Total100 (attempt 90 questions)360

It is crucial to find out the books that will help you in NEET-UG Biology preparation to get a perfect score. There are abundant resources available for the Biology section. The search for the best Biology books is often a struggle with so many options available in the market. Thus, sometimes it is confusing and misleading. So, to help you out, we have enlisted the Best Biology Books. This latest review of the best NEET-UG Biology books will help you choose the best among others.

1. NCERT Biology

NEET-UG Biology preparation is incomplete without NCERT textbooks. To start the preparation for NEET-UG Biology, pick the NCERT textbooks. Clear your basics with NCERT biology and then move towards the advanced level NEET-UG Biology practice with reference books of your choice. Since diagrams are a vital part of the Biology section, a good reference book with many diagrams can be helpful. Thus, learn all the diagrams, tables and flowcharts thoroughly from NCERT Biology. Students can learn from NCERT books extensively as 50 percent of NEET-UG questions come from NCERT books. Subject experts and NEET toppers suggest the following biology books for NEET-UG:  

  • NCERT Biology Volume I
  • NCERT Biology Volume II

2. MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips

MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips Biology is a highly recommended book for NEET-UG Biology. This book has a series to help you grasp the NCERT concepts at your fingertips. It is exam-patterned. Based on the class 11th and 12th Biology syllabus, and is designed as per the type of questions asked in NEET exams. It is chapter wise arranged, and each chapter helps in a quick-and-easy revision of crucial concepts. Moreover, MCQs are also organised topic-wise to help students assess their progress. Also, sample papers are given for students to practice.

3. A Textbook of Biology by Pradeep Publication

It is a comprehensive textbook which has two volumes- volume I and volume II. It is the best book for conceptual clarity and conceptual knowledge building. It is based on the latest examination pattern, updated with new diagrams and tables, contains NCERT-based objective questions, short answers, very short answers, and long answer questions. The book will prove a boon for board examination as well as NEET.

4. Trueman's Elementary Biology

Trueman’s Elementary Biology books are also recommended to all NEET-UG aspirants. These books provide all the basic concepts clearly and precisely and adopt an excellent approach to explaining the key concepts. It consists of detail-oriented theories with extra information and is easy to understand. The data is given in a tabular form which helps in memorising key points.

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After reading the NCERT textbooks, you can now move forward to grasp more complex study resources and practice them like reference books and question banks. The aspirants who are at the intermediate to advanced level of preparation, the following NEET-UG Biology books will be helpful to them:

List of Best NEET-UG Biology Books

Pradeep’s Publication BiologyPradeep’s Publication
Objective BotanyAnsari
Objective Biology by DineshDinesh
GR Bathla publications for BiologyGR Bathla
Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEETM.P Tyagi
40 Days Biology for NEETS. Chakravarty
Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 Trueman

Reading any of the above-mentioned Biology reference books with NCERT textbooks can help you clear the NEET-UG entrance exam with a good rank. Don't run after every book you see in the market, instead rely on trusted and verified books by NEET toppers, subject experts and millions of students. 

In addition to the best Biology books, you can clear your concepts and doubts from the engaging video lectures from the PrepLadder's NEET-UG Biology Mentors.

Types of NEET-UG Biology Questions

The NEET-UG Biology question paper consists of three types of questions:

  • NCERT based: Approximately 68-70 questions in the NEET Biology exam are directly from the NCERT textbooks. These questions can quickly and easily be solved by those students who have gone through the NCERT textbook thoroughly. 
  • Modified questions: Approx 8-10 questions in the NEET Biology question paper will be complex and tricky. These questions are the real game changers for many aspirants as they require the application and deep understanding of concepts. 
  • Previous year's question papers based: Approx 8-10 questions in the NEET-UG exam are repeats from past years question papers. These can be easily solved if you have solved the extensive previous years question papers and mock tests. These questions are repeated with no or little modifications.

Following a good set of books for NEET-UG Biology preparation not only help students to acquire in-depth knowledge but also provide them some extra knowledge that ultimately help them to score well. In addition to that,  the right books have a proper explanation for the NEET Biology topics, which focus on the foundation level of students. Moreover, to practice NEET-UG Biology questions, you can practice with PrepLadder. It has extensive and exam patterned modules, QBank and mock tests. Also, you can learn and build new concepts with the engaging videos by Dream Team. You can subscribe to our Telegram Channel to learn more about the NEET-UG exam, syllabus, exam patterns, news and updates.

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