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What Can Be a Good Time Planner For UPSC 2022?

Feb 25, 2022

What can be a good time planner for UPSC 2022?

The Prelims is coming. The date is 5th June 2022, which is just three months away. This is the time to solely focus on the Prelims part of the exam. There is a process to crack prelims. It starts with full dedication to your UPSC exam preparation right from this moment.  Don't waste a single hour now as your whole year's preparation depends on how effectively you utilize these three months. 

How to Use This Precious Time?

You need a great time planner to utilize these precious days. The best approach to use this time effectively is to segregate the time for static, current and practice parts respectively. 

  • Do and write more and more mock test papers at this time in exam-like conditions. For this, you can join the Prelims test series also. 
  • Honestly, attempt the paper in proper two hours. It would be best if you can attempt in the morning hours from 9 am to 11 am as the actual test happens during that time. 
  • Devote maximum time in the analysis of the paper you have given. Find out your weak and strong areas. Wherever you get your question wrong, read that part from the book and cover that topic. It might help in revising one topic again and again. 
  • Go through the Previous Year Papers (Prep PYQs), as they are the best guide to your preparation. UPSC has a set pattern and some favorite topics from which it asks questions every year. 
  • Regarding completing the paper's syllabus, one should be clear about the sources to read from (Prep Videos and Prep Notes). PrepNotes are very good for quick revision.

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How To Study?

  • First, read the static part of the syllabus as fast as you can. Try to cover it in 30 days. Then focus on covering current affairs in the next 15 days. After that, you should have faith in yourself that you have covered the syllabus once. 
  • At this point, please do not add more or new sources to your preparation. Now focus on revision. The more you revise, the better it is, and you will become more confident. 
  • Use such a planner or timetable, which will enable you to revise the syllabus at least two times before the actual exam. Click here to access PrepLadder's Study Planner for UPSC Rapid Revision.
  • A good planner will enable you to crack Prelims 2022 with a comfortable margin.

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