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How to Prepare for Environment and Ecology?

Mar 11, 2022

How to Prepare for Environment and Ecology

Preparation of every subject for UPSC Preliminary and Mains examination is based on one basic principle – Limited resources and Multiple revisions. 

In the line with the above thought, the approach for studying Environment and Ecology should be carried out in a systematic way during the UPSC exam preparation

  • Firstly,  a basic understanding of various terms and concepts under ecology and environment is very important for developing interest in the subject. So subject video and notes provided by PrepLadder can be initial sources.
  • Secondly, Current affairs play important role in the environment and ecology which can be covered by current affairs magazines.
  • Thirdly, always try to maintain your short notes having information of different conventions, Critically endangered species, endangered species and names etc of flora, fauna which are frequently in news.
  • Fourthly, read 4 chapters (13,14,15,16) of the NCERT Biology book of class XII. One should be well versed with Biosphere reserves and the type of flora, fauna etc present in that biosphere. Also, one should have tentative ideas of different conservation areas (National Park, Tiger reserve etc). It can easily be covered by having a map of all conservation areas and writing critical features of these areas in form of short notes on these maps itself.
  • Finally, one should always go through the summary of the Recent ISFR Report released by MoEFCC so that forest-related question in the Preliminary examination can be solved.

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Watch Vivek Singh, our faculty for Economy explains the Revision Strategy for UPSC Prelims 2022:

Environment and Ecology by Vaishali Anand can be referred to as a reference book for more clarity.

Ultimately these should be revised again and again to have more clarity on these concepts. 

Not only in Prelims but in Mains examination also, Environment and Ecology play an important role. Aspirants should also consider the following points while preparing for the Mains examination along with the already discussed points. Some good Current Affairs-based case studies and examples should always be with you for reproducing them in answer. 

For example, Punjab based start-up has used stubble for briquettes. Diagrams should always be used in answers and the suitability of diagrams in different types of questions should be very much clear before examination itself.

Always try to read books and notes in point form or write point numbers in paragraph itself so that you are able to reproduce multiple points during Mains examination.

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