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About History for UPSC CSE

History as a subject is vast in its syllabus. It can be divided into six sections that include Ancient history, medieval history, modern history, post-independence India, world history and art and culture. Despite its vast syllabus, it is considered easier since it is a static subject. For aspiring civil servants, it is extremely important to know about India’s past so that they can take appropriate decisions about its future.

Why Study PrepLadder’s History NCERT Summary for UPSC exam?

PrepLadder’s NCERT summary for History, UPSC is curated to make the subject easier to remember. Written in an easy-to-understand language, it covers all the high-yield and exam-relevant topics to give you a seamless learning experience.

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A name that needs no introduction, Hemant Jha Sir is India’s most revered faculty for UPSC History coaching. With a vast teaching experience spanning over 22 years, he has mentored several students and has contributed to the selection of 2000+ students in UPSC Civil Services. He also teaches History Optional.