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Detailed Application Form (DAF): All You Need To Know

Sep 23, 2022

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What is the Detailed Application Form or DAF for UPSC CSE?

Where is the DAF available on the UPSC website?

Detailed Application Form (DAF) - 1 ( for CSE Mains exam applicants)

Detailed Application Form (DAF) - 2 ( for CSE Interview applicants)

How to Fill DAF for UPSC CSE?

Tips To Keep In Mind While Filling Out DAF

Detailed Application Form (DAF): All You Need To Know

What is the Detailed Application Form or DAF for UPSC CSE?

A Detailed Application Form is a document where you must provide detailed information about yourself and supporting evidence to verify your writing. DAF is an essential part of the UPSC CSE examination process, and the form is made available on the UPSC website portal. 

Knowing about the DAF and preparing for it well is one of the most important tips to crack the UPSC interview. It gives you the poise and confidence to charm the interviewers and prove that you are suitable to be awarded the title of an IAS officer by the Government of India. 

The details asked in the DAF are related to your educational qualifications, information about your home, parents, preference of service, your hobbies and interests, and whether or not you have any work experience. You must provide supporting documents to verify your claim for every question you answer.

UPSC CSE aspirants have to fill out two kinds of Detailed Application Forms. The first one, called DAF-1, has to be filled by candidates to apply for the Mains exam once they clear the Prelims. 

The second form, called DAF-2, has to be filled by candidates who have cleared the Mains examination and want to apply for the Interview round. 

Where is the DAF available on the UPSC website?

You have to open the official website of the UPSC

Once you are on the home page, navigate to the drop-down option titled ‘Recruitment’ at the top of the screen and towards the middle. From there, you have to click on the ‘Recruitment Tests’ and you will find DAF under a list of options under Recruitment Tests. 

Let us learn more about what both DAF-1 and DAF-2 entail. 

Detailed Application Form (DAF) - 1 ( for CSE Mains exam applicants)

After the Prelims results are declared, the UPSC issues a notification on the official website about filling up and uploading the DAF-1 form. Qualified candidates have to first register on the website and download the form. Next, they must fill out the form and upload it with supporting documents. 

Let us look closely at the kind of information asked for in DAF-1.

Education Details Name of school, percentage marks in 10th and 12th, college name, subject, marks achieved, etc. 
Parental Details Name of father and mother, nationality, yearly income, etc. 
Employment Details Name of employer, duration of employment, achievements, etc. 
Relevant Documents to be Uploaded10th and 12th mark sheets, degree certificate, caste certificate, disability certificate (if any), etc. 
Submission of FormAll candidates must sign a declaration stating that the information they provided is correct, along with the place and date of signature.

That is the gist of what you need to fill in DAF-1 when you apply for the Mains examination. Now, let us understand what you need to fill in DAF-2 before you go in for the interview round. 

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Detailed Application Form (DAF) - 2 ( for CSE Interview applicants)

Candidates who clear the Mains examination have to fill in the DAF-2 before going for the Interview round. The UPSC keeps the portal to submit this form on the website for 2-3 days before closing. Candidates have to submit the DAF-2 within this time.

Service PreferenceUPSC CSE is an exam conducted for 24 different civil services. Candidates are required to fill in their order of preference for various services. 
Preference of cadreThis applies to All India Services like IAS and IPS. Candidates have to state which cadre they would like to work at. These preferences cannot be changed later. 
AddressThe address to which all communication will be sent
Hobbies, Interests, Extracurriculars Candidates have to list their hobbies, interests, and any extracurricular activities they are engaged in. 
Educational QualificationDetails about graduation, post-graduation, Ph.D., or any other qualification.

How to Fill DAF for UPSC CSE?

Filling out the DAF is not a difficult task. All you need to do is accurately fill out a few personal, academic, and professional details, and you are done. 

However, most of the time in the interview is spent discussing what you have written in the DAF. The interview panel assumes that everything you write in the form is done deliberately and consciously. 

Therefore, you are expected to defend, analyze and elaborate on every piece of information that is provided in the form. 

Below are a few tips to help you avoid mistakes and guidelines to keep in mind while filling out the forms. 

Tips To Keep In Mind While Filling Out DAF

At the outset, be very careful while listing your preferences. Be sure about what you are putting on that form. If you do not want a particular service, just mention it as ‘not opted.’ 

Although DAF-1 is less focused on during the interview process, you are still expected to know in-depth details such as your graduation major subject and important historical and geographical facts about your home state.

The section under achievements should focus on your highlights during graduation and post-graduation or even further, if applicable in your case. You can mention your achievements from school as an addition. 

If you have been employed previously, have clear answers ready on your job role, responsibilities, reasons for joining the job, and reasons for leaving. 

While listing your hobbies and interests, be careful to mention only those hobbies you are comfortable discussing with the interviewers. You should have sound knowledge of any hobby or interest you mention in the form.

At the same time, if you do not know an answer, be honest about it and say you do not know. After all, it is just a hobby. The panel expects you to be knowledgeable about your hobby but does not expect you to be an expert in it.

That sums up every important thing you need to know about the Detailed Application Form or DAF for UPSC CSE. We hope that you found this helpful. 

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