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7 Quick Tips to Crack the UPSC Interview

Jul 09, 2021

Proven Tips to Ace the UPSC Interview

It is a dream of every IAS aspirant to face panellists during the UPSC Interview and crack it. The UPSC Personality Test is the final stage in the Civil Services Examination. It is essential for candidates to understand that the personality test (Interview round) carries 275 marks and the performance of the students at the interview ultimately decides the final rank in the merit list.

The half-hour-long discussion with the UPSC panellists if done with poise and confidence can change your life and can lead to your dream cadre/service. In this blog, we will share 7 simple yet effective tips that you must follow to crack the UPSC Interview. Let’s have a look at them.

Proven Tips to Ace the UPSC Interview

#1 Practice Mock Interview

It is a well-known fact that rehearsals help to avoid common mistakes. Hence, before appearing for the main interview, make sure to give at least 2-3 mock interviews. They not only help in providing a simulated interview of a real UPSC interview, but they also help you to improve your confidence and consistency.

The more mock tests you will attempt, the more prepared you will be to handle the pressure of the final interview. It will also help you to reduce anxiety and stress.

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#2 Read your DAF thoroughly

Most of the questions in the Final Interview revolve around your Detailed Application Form (DAF). A candidate has to put down credentials of his/her academic journey so far as well as details of employment, family, income sources and so on in the DAF after clearing the Main examination. Hence, a candidate should be well-versed with his/her DAF.

Prepare well for the questions from areas like; education, hobbies, past work experience, services preference, etc. 

#3 Be Updated with the Current Affairs

UPSC interview is dynamic. The panel may ask you about the news that appeared last week in the newspaper, so keep yourself updated. Be aware of the important current news (National/International), economic development, government policies, social issues, elections etc.

Make sure you revise the current affairs of the past month before facing the final interview. Moreover, the interview panel comprises subject experts from different fields and the common ground for them would be in current affairs.

#4 Prepare Questions related to your Reasons for Choosing Civil Services

Similar to the question, ‘Tell me something about yourself’ asked in an interview, one should anticipate a question related to the reasons for choosing civil services in the UPSC Interview. Hence, a candidate must be well prepared with the following sets of questions:

  • Why does a candidate want to join civil service?
  • If already working why a candidate wants to switch over the job?
  • How can the job expertise be useful in the field of civil service?

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#5 Prepare Questions related to your State and District

Prepare for the questions related to your district and state you belong to. These are the most common expected questions you can come across during the Final Interview.  Hence, you should be aware of your state, its problems and some common statistics related to it like; gender inequality, healthcare and education system, corruption, sex ratio etc.

Similarly, the panel may ask you questions about your district. Know the basic problems in your village, city, or town.

#6  A Good Body Language is Must

Body language tells the truth and the first impression matters. It gives the interviewer a great deal of information that is not conveyed by the spoken words alone. Your body language is the first thing the UPSC panel will observe. Hence, cultivate a good one. Avoid gestures that do not suit the occasion.

Work on your body posture, personal appearance, and body language, as you are going to be judged on the basis of this in the interview. During the interview, keep yourself calm, maintain eye contact, listen to the panel members very patiently, greet them well and appear attentive yet with a composed body posture. 

#7 Be Yourself and Confident

Last, but, not least, is to be confident. Don’t ever try to pretend. Be yourself and express your opinions without any hesitation. Appear confident in front of the panel members. Though, some of the questions might be tricky and it’s better to reply respectfully and politely that you are not aware of the answer. You cannot have the knowledge about everything under the sun, so it's very normal. Just feel relaxed. 

Good luck for your interview!

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