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About Science & Technology for UPSC CSE

Science & Technology is yet another crucial subject of the UPSC Civil Services syllabus. Questions from this subject are either generic or Current Affairs driven. As a Civil Services aspirant, it is extremely important to have a basic understanding of the latest technological advancements. One can expect a significant amount of questions from this subject in both UPSC Prelims and Mains.

Why Study PrepLadder’s Science and Technology NCERT Summary for UPSC exam?

With PrepLadder’s NCERT summary for Science and Technology, UPSC, you will gain a complete understanding of the subject. The summary includes all the important points in a manner that is easy to understand and revise before the exam.

Meet our Science & Technology Faculty

Siddarth Singh is a well-established name in the UPSC teaching industry. With 3+ years of experience in mentoring IAS aspirants, he has helped students especially those with non-science backgrounds comprehend complex Science & Technology in a simple way. He has a diverse educational background which includes a B.Tech (Biotechnology), an MS (Molecular Medicine) from The University of Sheffield and an M.Tech (Agricultural Biotechnology) from IIT Kharagpur.