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    PrepLadder offers subscriptions for NEET SS. Prepladder offers 3 different subscriptions for all 3 specialities i.e. Medicine, Surgery and Pediatrics. You can find details about each subscription here: ( These are speciality premium courses with complete video lectures of all specialities, high yield QBank for practice with the authenticity of proven effective content and Grand Tests to help you get real time exam experience. We provide India's most comprehensive course for NEET SS for the students to practice.
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    - Application window:- 1st November to 22nd November 2021

    - Edit Window: 1st December to 7th December 2021

    - Issue of admit card: 3rd January 2022

    - Exam date: 10th January 2022

    - Declaration of Result: By 31st January 2022

    - Candidates who are in possession of a recognized postgraduate medical Degree/Provisional Pass Certificate (MD/MS/DNB) or an equivalent recognized qualification or likely to be in possession of the same by 30th November 2021. (Registration with NMC/State Medical Council is mandatory and its documentary proof should be furnished at the Test Centre on the examination day). 


    • MD/DNB (general medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
    • MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Tropical Medicine)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
    • MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
    • MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
    • MD/DNB (Biochemistry)
    • MD/DNB (Pathology


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Radiotherapy)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)


    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (OBst. & Gynae)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)


    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)


    • MD/DNB (Anaesthesia)


    • MD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
    • MD/DNB (General Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
    • MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
    • MD/DNB (Emergency Medicine)


    • MS/DNB (General Surgery)
    • MS/DNB  ( ENT)
    • MS/DNB (Orthopedics)
    • MS/MD/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)


    • MS/MD/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)


    • MS/MD/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)


    • MS/DNB (General surgery)


    • MS/DNB (General Surgery)


    • MS/DNB (General Surgery)


    • MS/DNB (General Surgery)


    • MS/DNB (General Surgery)


    • MS /DNB (General Surgery)


    • MS/DNB (General Surgery)
    • MS/DNB (ENT)
    • MCh/DNB (Plastic Surgery)
    • MCh/DNB (Surgical Oncology)
    • MCh/DNB (Neuro Surgery)
    As per the old pattern, a NEET SS aspirant was supposed to appear for two parts or two papers. Paper 1 would bear questions related to the broad specialty, and Paper 2 would be based on the super specialty of one’s choice or the super-specialty an aspirant would apply for.

    A candidate can be choose a maximum of two super specialty courses for which his/her broad specialty qualification is eligible, at the time of online submission of the application form.

    • Pattern of examination: 40% of the questions shall be from all the eligible feeder broad specialty courses(s) and the remaining 60% shall be from the
    • Super specialty course selected by the candidate at the time online submission of application form.
    • NBE may club certain super specialties in which the number of seats offered is less.
    • The eligibilities

    Total No. of questions in any super specialty question paper is 100.

    All the questions shall be at PG Exit level (MD/MS/DNB).

    Part – A of the question paper:

     Part – A of the question paper for any super specialty course shall comprise of MCQs from the eligible feeder broad specialty course(s). in case, there is only a single feeder broad specialty course for a particular super specialty, part A in such a case will comprise of questions from only one broad specialty. For e.g. MS/DNB General surgery is the feeder broad specialty for MCh Urology, therefore part A of urology question paper will comprise of questions from general surgery. The list of eligible feeder broad specialty courses for various super specialty courses is tabulated below:

    For super specialty courses having multiple feeder broad specialty courses, part-A will comprise of questions from all the eligible feeder broad specialty courses. For e.g. part-A of Cardiology question paper shall comprise of questions from all the three feeder broad specialty courses i.e. General Medicine, Pediatrics & Respiratory Medicine.

    PART-B of the question paper:

    It shall comprise of 60 questions pertaining to the concerned super specialty. The questions shall be of PG exit level and shall cover topics from clinical practice and basic sciences as applied to the concerned super specialty.

    Certain DM/MCh which have less number of seats and have a single common feeder broad specialty course have been clubbed together. Each clubbed group of super specialties shall be treated as one for the purpose of online submission of the application form and generation of the question paper. For example, Neonatology, Paediatric Gastroenterology, Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Nephrology, Paediatric Oncology & Paediatric Hepatology have been clubbed together with Paediatrics being the single common feeder Broad Specialty qualification and all these clubbed specialties will be treated as a single unit for the purpose of online submission of application form and examination.


    1. Cardiac Anaesthesia
    2. Organ Transplant Anaesthesia & Critical
    3. Paediatric and Neonatal Anaesthesia


    1. Neonatology
    2. Paediatric Gastroenterology
    3. Paediatric Cardiology
    4. Paediatric  Nephrology
    5. Paediatric Oncology
    6. Paediatric Hepatology
    7. Paediatric Critical Care


    1. Surgical Gastroenterology / G.I. Surgery
    2. Hepato Pancreato Biliary Surgery


    1. Vascular Surgery
    2. Cardio Vascular and Thoracic surgery
    3. Thoracic Surgery
    4. Paediatric Cardio-thoracic Vascular Surgery


    1. Neurology
    2. Paediatric Neurology


    1. Neuroradiology
    2. Interventional Radiology


    1. Gynaecological Oncology
    2. Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
    • Total number of Papers: 1
    • Total number of questions: 150
    • Type of questions: Multiple:  choice questions
    • Maximum marks: 600
    • Marking scheme: +4 every correct answer-1 for every incorrect answer, 0 for every unattempted question

    - Medicine: Harrison’s Manual of Medicine, 20th Edition

    - Surgery: Sabiston Textbook of Surgery, 21st Edition

    - Paediatrics: Nelson Textbook of Paediatric, 21st Edition

    The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test - Super Speciality Courses or NEET SS 2020 is conducted by the National Board of Education for admission to various DM/MCh courses. NEET-SS is an eligibility-cum-ranking examination prescribed as the single entrance examination for admission to various DM/MCh courses. According to the Indian Medical Council Act, 2016, no other entrance test is valid for admission to DM/MCh courses in India.

    - NEET-SS 2021 shall be the single eligibility cum entrance examination for admission to Super Specialty Courses for the academic session 2021 which will include the following:

    1. All DM/MCh Courses in the country including all Private Medical Colleges/ Institutions/ Universities/ Deemed Universities.
    2. All DM/MCh courses at Armed Forces Medical Services Institutions.