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Learn from Dr. Sandeep Sharma, our subject expert in General Medicine, Medicine Gastroenterology, Medicine Hepatology and Medicine Oncology.


Dr. Sandeep Sharma

General Pediatrics

NEET SS Pediatrics elite planNEET SS Pediatrics elite plan
NEET SS pediatrics elite planNEET SS pediatrics elite plan

Frequently asked question

  • PrepLadder app is where you should start your NEET SS Pediatrics preparation. It offers you everything you need to successfully crack the exam. From engaging video lectures and self-explanatory Prep Notes to a vast QBank and high-yield test series, you can find all preparation resources at one place.

  • Having the right study material is crucial for preparation. You can get a detailed list of important books for NEET SS Pediatrics preparation on our blog. In addition, we also recommend our PrepNotes which are well-structured, detailed and feature high-quality images, graphs and mind maps.