Pediatric Neurology Simplified for NEET SS

Comprehensive study resources to help you cover pediatric neurology for NEET SS. 

About Pediatric Neurology for NEET SS

Pediatric Neurology deals with the diagnosis and management of neurological disorders in children covering a wide range of conditions including epilepsy, neurogenetic disorders, developmental delays, and neurobehavioral issues. PrepLadder helps aspirants gain an in-depth understanding of the topic through meticulously curated study material.

How does PrepLadder make Pediatric Neurology learning easy for students?

PrepLadder is backed by India’s Top Medical Faculty that has designed a structured curriculum for NEET SS aspirants. The study resources for neet ss pediatrics preparation are updated regularly and follow the most recent exam trends to ensure candidates are well-prepared for the exam.

Meet our Pediatric Neurology Faculty

An experienced teacher, Dr. Sandeep Sharma has been teaching NEET-PG, NEET-SS and FMGE students for the past 8 years both in India and abroad. He is a subject expert in General Medicine, Medicine Gastroenterology, Medicine Hepatology and Medicine Oncology. After completing his MBBS and MD in Medicine from PGI Chandigarh. He is currently working as a Consultant Pediatrician at Omni Clinics and Diagnostics, Sector 34, Chandigarh.


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