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FMG Internship: New Guidelines and List of Approved Medical Colleges

May 15, 2023

FMG Internship

The journey to becoming a doctor is filled with rigorous academic training, hard work, and perseverance. For foreign medical graduates (FMGs) who have pursued their medical education abroad and wish to practice in India, the road to becoming a licensed medical practitioner can be even more challenging. 

However, there is good news for FMGE aspirants who wish to practice in India and gain an internship. 

The National Medical Commission (NMC) recently announced new internship guidelines for FMGE aspirants allowing students to intern in over 670 hospitals nationwide.  

In this blog, we will discuss these new guidelines and what they mean for FMGs looking to start their medical careers in India. In addition to that, you can also explore the list of all the state-wise approved medical colleges for internship.

Latest FMG Internship Guidelines Issued By NMC

In a recent circular issued by the NMC on 9th May 2023, the regulatory body clarified the conduct of the internship of FMGs. Following are the key takeaways - 

Internship within two years of MBBS

According to the latest NMC guidelines, FMGs must complete at least 12 months of supervised internship in medical colleges that are authorized to offer CRMI to Indian medical graduates. 

State medical councils will use a merit-based system to assign medical colleges to FMGs. The NMC has instructed all state medical councils to make sure that these regulations are followed.  

Furthermore, the internship must be completed within two years of finishing the final MBBS exam, the FMGE, or the Step-I of the National Exit Test (NExT) when it’s implemented.

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Online classes, Covid-19

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has acknowledged using online learning modes amid the pandemic. However, the commission does not approve/validate the medical qualifications (theoretical/practical) through online mode only. 

The NMC has clarified that while the online classes conducted by medical colleges in India during Covid-19 were made valid, they must be supplemented with practical and clinical training as per the current curriculum in all MBBS subjects.

Two-year Internship For FMGE Aspirants

According to the National Medical Commission, the two-year internship requirement only applies to FMGs who were in their final year of medical school and were forced to return to India because of COVID-19 or the Russia-Ukraine War. 

These FMGs must pass the FMGE after receiving their medical degree, and they must then complete 2 year internship (consisting of two 12-month schedules) in a hospital linked with a medical college. 

On the other hand, to finish a one-year CRMI, other FMGs are required to earn a legitimate medical degree and qualify for the FMGE.

Domicile State

Moving forward, an eligible FMG can complete his/her internship from a medical college in any state/UT. Domicile is no longer a requirement for pursuing an FMG internship, and a state medical council cannot deny allotment of medical college for the internship to FMGs based on domicile. 

Internship Stipend

The National Medical Commission (NMC) issued a directive to all state medical councils and directorates of medical education in May 2022, requiring them to ensure that no medical college charges foreign medical graduates (FMGs) an internship fee and to offer them an internship stipend and other benefits on par with Indian medical graduates. 

The NMC confirmed in October 2022 that the stipend amount to be paid to FMG interns will be established and fixed by the relevant authority of the institution due to the lack of budgetary provisions for stipend payment to FMGs by state governments, UTs, and medical colleges. The responsible state authorities alone decide whether to put the stipend guidelines for FMGs into effect. 

Besides, the stipend payment to FMG interns will be applicable only during the second year of their internship. 

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One-Time Relaxation to Complete Internship 

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has provided “one-time relaxation” to FMGs for completing internships in India. The commission has validated around 650 hospitals, including non-teaching hospitals across India, where FMGs can complete their Compulsory Rotating Medical Internship (CRMI).

However, this relaxation is only granted as a one-time measure and will be valid for one year from the issue of the circular, until May 2024, for FMGs only. 

FMGE aspirants can check the internship hospital list of recognized non-teaching hospitals for CRMI here.

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