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How to Clear FMGE in One Month: Prioritising, Planning, and Refreshing Your Knowledge

May 09, 2023

FMGE preparations

In a marathon, sustained energy and endurance are critical for success. Preparing for the FMG exam is also a marathon. Maintaining endurance and having a strategic approach to last-minute revision is necessary to succeed. 

Going too hard for too long can lead to burnout and exhaustion on exam day.

Therefore, you must maximise your chances of success in the exam by focusing on high-yielding subjects and topics, consolidating your knowledge, and avoiding overwhelming yourself with new information.

Just like a marathon runner conserves energy and uses it strategically, a medical student who approaches last-minute revision with a clear strategy and a focus on sustainability is likelier to cross the finish line with confidence and success.

Therefore, in this article, we shared some expert tips on how medical students should prioritise and plan their last-minute revision to keep their knowledge fresh and their energy sustained. 

FMGE Mock Test

How to Clear FMGE in One Month

Enlisted below are some tried and tested tips on how to clear FMGE in one month. If you are preparing for the upcoming FMGE exam, make sure to read these tips thoroughly and include them in your preparation and revision strategy. We assure you that these tips will help.

Know What to Expect in the Exam 

With the exam pattern changing, examiners are now focusing on testing your clinical knowledge and skills. You'll be asked many clinical scenario questions and questions with a multidisciplinary approach. Also, expect the options to be tricky. 

However, it must be noted that, unlike the NEET PG and INI-CET exams, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers. Therefore, you must make sure to thoroughly answer all the questions in the exam.

Moreover, if you have thoroughly studied and covered the PYQ and high-yield topics, getting 150 questions correct to meet the qualifying criteria will be easy. If not, don't worry; you still have time to consolidate your knowledge of these topics. 

Get Over FOMO

Whether you have studied everything but struggle to recall the information or you have yet to cover a few subjects, it is essential to recognise that now is not the time for extensive learning. Instead, it is crucial to overcome the fear of missing out and adopt a strategic approach to last-minute preparation. 

Focus on prioritising subjects and topics likely to yield marks and cover the breadth of important topics rather than their depth.

Avoid introducing new material that can lead to additional anxiety and confusion. Instead, concentrate on revising as much theory as possible to keep the information fresh in your mind.

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Know the Subjects You Can and Cannot Skip 

When speaking of how to prepare for FMGE in one month, it's crucial to properly use time and prevent burnout. As such, knowing which subjects/topics to prioritise and which ones to skip during this last phase of your exam preparation is essential. This will enable you to adequately cover the most crucial topics, focus on vital areas, and improve your exam results.

If you don't have time, you can skip ENT, Ophthalmology, Anesthesia, Pediatrics and Radiology since they are not that high-yielding. However, if you have time, you can revise selected important topics that have appeared in the exam during previous years. 

In addition to knowing subjects you can skip, it's also essential to know the subjects/topics you just can't afford to miss. Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, Gynaecology, Forensic Medicine, Pathology and Biostat are the subjects you must revise thoroughly during your last preparation phase. 

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Stop Attempting PYQs and Grand Tests 

The last few days leading up to the exam are not the time to evaluate your preparation, as it can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Attempting mock tests in the last few days can lead to overthinking and second-guessing, resulting in poor exam performance. 

Instead, it would be best to focus on revising important topics and consolidating your knowledge to boost confidence and perform well in the exam.

Also, skip the main notes and only concentrate on revising from your own notes or revision notes. This will help you cover the key points faster and revise everything once before the exam.

Normalise Your Sleep Schedule 

Most aspirants study for long hours and pull all-nighters during their last preparation phase. However, it has been proven that inadequate sleep can lead to fatigue, lack of focus, and poor performance in exams. One simple change you need to make to avoid this is establishing a regular sleep routine. 

You can effectively improve cognitive functioning, concentration, and memory retention before the exam by getting proper sleep. On exam day, you will be well-rested, refreshed, and alert, ultimately leading to better exam performance and outcomes.

So, if you are a night owl, you must change your study schedule to be more efficient and alert during the morning when the exam will take place.

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Lastly, do not worry that you are not remembering what you are reading. Just trust your preparation, and you will surely succeed. We hope our tips on how to prepare for FMGE in one month prove useful to you. 

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