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How to Utilize the Final 45 Days Before FMGE?

May 25, 2023

How to Utilize the Final 45 Days Before FMGE?
FMGE exam is round the corner and with just 45 days to go, this is the time to put in your 100% efforts in order to qualify the exam. Revision & Practice are the essential activities which must predominantly occupy the last 45 days prior to FMGE. This post will familiarize you with the Tips as to how to effectively utilize the final 45 days for FMGE preparation.

How to utilize the final 45 days before FMGE

Here are the activities which must be a part of the final 45 days prior to the FMGE:

Frame a Revision Schedule

The foremost activity must be to devise a 45 days revision schedule. This will facilitate that no subject or topic is skipped and the revision is completed in time. Further, it will facilitate assigning time to subjects as per their weight age in FMGE. Our Experts have prepared a Sample Revision Schedule which can help you in making your Revision more effective. Also Read: How to prepare Dermatology and Venereology for FMGE

FMGE Elite Plan

                             Sample Revision Schedule


      Number of Days

Anatomy 2 Days
Physiology 3 Days
Biochemistry 2 Days
Pharmacology 3 Days
Pathology 3 Days
Microbiology 3 Days
Forensic medicine 2 Days
PSM 3 Days
ENT 2 Days
Ophthalmology 2 Days
Medicine 4 Days
Surgery 4 Days
Pediatrics 2 Days
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 3 Days
Anesthesiology 1 Day
Radiology 1 Day
Skin 1 Day
Psychiatry 1 Day
Dedicate the last 2-3 days to revising the Numerical Based Values, Formulas & IPC Codes and the Tables of Harrison since they are volatile and difficult to retain (Go through them at the end of Revision). Further, you need to dedicate a complete day to Revising and understanding the Images.

Strike a Balance between Revision & Practice

It is of utmost importance to strike a balance between Revision & Practice. Manage your routine in such a way to dedicate 5-6 hours to Revision and 6-7 hours to Practice. Make sure to maintain a balance between Revision and Practice.

Consistent and Sufficient Practice

Consistent Practice is the key to success in FMGE. This is because the exam is highly conceptual and not merely theoretical. In consideration of this, make sure to practice a large number of MCQs from different books and sources. Make sure to practice every variant of MCQs while also emphasizing on Image-Based questions. Devote at least 6-7 hours each day to practicing the problems. Mark the questions which you find difficult while practicing and go through them twice or thrice before the exam.

Go Through all Important Topics, Concepts, Highlights and Key points

Remember that 45 days is a very short time to be a perfectionist. Therefore, you must completely emphasize on meticulously revising all the important Topics, Concepts, Key Points and Highlights. Do not attempt to study each and every topic at this stage since you will end up getting confused this way and will end up forgetting the already memorized information. Quickly skim through your notes and the highlighted points.

Attempt Online Mock Tests

Make it a point to attempt at least 4-5 Mock Tests in a week. Review your performance after each attempt and analyze your strong and weak areas. Strive to minimize your mistakes with each subsequent Mock Test attempt and also emphasize on enhancing your performance.

Focus on Strengthening Strong & Weak Areas

You must have figured out your strong and weak areas through Mock Test attempts. Your must aim to strengthen your strong areas and attain a fair degree of proficiency in your weak areas.

Enhancing Time Management Skills & Accuracy

You must also emphasize on enhancing your Time-Management skills & Accuracy while attempting Mock Tests. For achieving this, it is vital to attempt a large number of Mock Tests. After attempting a Mock Test, review the amount of time you spend per question, accuracy of attempt, etc. Take these factors in consideration and strive to improve your Time Management with each subsequent Mock Test attempt. Also, concentrate on improving your Accuracy.

Solve Previous Year Papers of PGMEE & FMGE

Make it a point to solve at least 10 previous year papers each of PGMEE and FMGE. This is vital since there are high chances of questions getting repeated year after year. Therefore, in order to get an added advantage, thoroughly solve previous year papers.

Use a Combination Approach

You can practice and solve up to 9000 MCQ's in 45 days if you stick to a combination approach. You can revise 50 Questions each day with explanations which will enable you to attain a thorough learning of 2250 questions in 45 days. Further, you can practice 100 questions each day through Mock Test Practice which will enable you to solve 4500 MCQs through this technique. Further, you can practice 40 questions each day through Rapid Online Revision    which will enable you to cover 1800 MCQs through this technique in 45 days. This technique will facilitate covering 190 MCQs each day and more than 8500 MCQs in 45 days. This technique will serve highly efficient since it will ensure revision in all the three modes. Also read: Making notes for FMGE is Most Important Effectively implementing the Aforesaid Tips will surely help you to extract the maximum output from the final 45 days prior to FMGE. Stay Tuned for More Updates!
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