Take Your Pharmacology Preparation To The Next Level 

Pharmacology for FMGE

Pharmacology is one of the most demanding subjects in FMGE. It is an extensive branch of medicine and biology that deals with various drugs, their actions and how they interact with the body. Without consistent effort and hard work, it is difficult to memorize the endless names and jargon of the subject. It has a weightage of 13% in the FMGE.

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How Does PrepLadder Make Pharmacology Learning Easy for Students?

No matter how difficult the subject, PrepLadder’s superior learning materials will make it easier for you. Learning Pharmacology becomes easier with our notes written in simple language. They contain graphs and high-quality images that make them self-explanatory and easy to understand. In addition, they contain information boxes that provide a quick recap of the entire topic.In addition to the notes, you will have access to our engaging video lectures, treasures, & custom modules to boost your pharmacology preparation and make your preparation as easy as possible.

Meet our Pharmacology Faculty

Dr. Bharath Kumar VD simplifies every topic with an interactive and engaging teaching approach. He is a national-level expert in Pharmacology and has been teaching students for more than 12 years. One of the advantages of taking his classes is an enhanced learning experience because he integrates the subject with overlapping topics from other subjects. He also uses mind maps and flowcharts to improve your understanding and retention through visual memory. Taking his classes is an excellent way to build a strong foundation in Pharmacology.