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About Medicine in FMGE

Medicine is a vast and ever-expanding subject carrying more almost 16.5% weightage in the FMGE exam. It is one of the core subjects in this exam. One of the challenges of studying and acing this subject is to keep up with the latest research and understanding it in depth.

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How does PrepLadder make Medicine learning easy for students?

One advantage of being a complete master in your subject is that it becomes very easy to explain complex concepts in a simple manner. This is what Dr. Deepak Marwah does and why his students love him. In addition, PrepLadder gives you access to structured content that will help you approach the subject in the right direction.

Meet our Medicine Faculty

Dr. Deepak Marwah has been acclaimed by FMGE aspirants on a national scale. He is not just an exemplary teacher, but also a clinician and a bestselling author. He has the ability to simplify complex concepts into easy-to-understand lectures. He is the author of the ‘Complete Review of Medicine, his bestselling book that sold out within 1 month of its launch.

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