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Achieving Excellence: Dr Arshlan's Journey to Scoring 240 in FMGE 2023

Apr 27, 2023

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About Dr Arshlan 

Preparation Tips and Strategies 

Starting Early

Being Consistent

Strategic Study Schedule

Focus on Attempting Mock Tests

Staying Positive

Learning Conceptually

Dr Arshlan Success Story

Every year, thousands of students from all around the world appear for the FMG exam, hoping to qualify it and begin their medical careers in India. Amidst such fierce competition, Dr Arshlan emerged as a shining example of what can be achieved with the right attitude and approach. 

Dr Arshlan scored a remarkable 240 marks in the FMGE 2023, an achievement that is nothing short of outstanding.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the inspiring success story of Dr Arshlan and explore the factors that contributed to his remarkable achievement. Read this blog further to get inspired by Dr Arshlan and discover his proven preparation strategies.

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About Dr Arshlan 

Dr Arshlan is a medical graduate who completed his MBBS from Dali University, China, in June 2022. He hails from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, and recently cleared the Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG) exam in his first attempt with a score of 240 marks. 

Now, let’s explore the strategies he used to achieve this remarkable feat.

Preparation Tips and Strategies 

We had a candid discussion with Dr Arshlan about his overall FMG preparation journey and the strategies that helped him succeed. Below are some amazing tips shared by Dr Arshlan that helped him crack the FMG exam with flying colors.

Starting Early 

There’s no denying the fact that starting your exam preparations early has numerous benefits. It allows you more time to study and review the syllabus thoroughly, reducing the stress and pressure of last-minute cramming. 

Moreover, early preparations also allow you to discover your weak areas and improve. 

Dr Arshlan’s preparation journey is a testament to this golden rule of exam preparation. He started preparing for the FMG exam in January 2022 with PrepLadder. Initially, he dedicated 1-2 hours daily to watching the video lectures or study notes and gradually increased those hours to 4-5 daily. 

Later, when the university exam approached in June, he increased his sitting to 8-10 hours per day and continued preparing consistently until the FMG exam in December.

Starting early ensured that Dr Arshlan had sufficient time for practice tests and revision. 

Being Consistent

We all know that to reinforce learning and enable better information retention, one must study regularly. An established study routine that is followed religiously helps avoid the need for last-minute cramming and also reduces stress and anxiety

Additionally, regular practice and revisions builds confidence and leads to better performance and outcomes in exams as proved by Dr Arshlan.

After completing his university exam in June, Dr Arshlan was free to focus entirely on the FMG exam. He studied consistently and utilized this time to watch more videos, study notes, solve QBank, and started giving full-length mock tests right after his university exam. 

He increased his study hours to 8-10 hours a day, which gradually went up to a maximum of 13-14 hours per day as the exam approached. Throughout his preparation journey, Dr Arshlan was consistent with his study routine and prepared with discipline. 

Strategic Study Schedule

To be consistent with your exam preparation, it’s important to have an established study routine. Dr Arshlan had a fixed study schedule that he followed diligently. He would watch videos from 8 in the morning till 1 PM, take a break for lunch, and then spend his evening solving QBank and modules. 

In the beginning, he dedicated 1 hour to solving 100 MCQs, which increased to 3-4 hours per day to solve 300-400 MCQs. Dr Arshlan emphasizes that the FMG exam is clinically oriented, and it is crucial to train your mind to diagnose the disease and answer the questions accurately.

Leveraging PrepLadder’s QBank which has over 70% clinical-oriented questions, he could practice for the updated exam pattern. It allowed him to tackle difficult clinical questions with increased accuracy.

Focus on Attempting Mock Tests 

For 360-degree exam preparation, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with the format, question types, and time constraints of the exam. Attempting mock tests provides the opportunity to simulate real exam conditions. 

Moreover, attempting mock tests help you identify areas of weakness, providing feedback on the topics that need further attention. And you can also practice exam-taking strategies, such as time management and answering techniques, leading to improved performance in the actual exam. 

This is why Dr Arshlan started taking the full-length Mock Tests very early in his preparation journey. He scored 145 marks on his first mock test, and his score fluctuated as he progressed with his preparation. However, he increased his score to around 200 in the end.  

Dr Arshlan advises future FMG aspirants not to get demotivated by their test scores. Instead,  he suggests using the test results to analyze performance and identify the areas that need improvement.

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Staying Positive

Poor mock test performance can be discouraging, but it's essential to remember that mock tests are a tool to identify weak areas and make improvements. More than that, evaluating the test results objectively is important instead of dwelling on the mistakes. 

Dr Arshlan did not let poor mock test scores affect his confidence. Instead, he analyzed his performance and identified the reasons for the low score. He identified the areas where he went wrong and why he skipped a question and worked on improving those areas.

Taking inspiration from Dr Arshlan, you must also maintain a positive mindset and stay motivated. Remember, the mock test is just one step in the exam preparation process, and with consistent effort, focus, and positivity, you can achieve your goals and perform well on the actual exam.

Learning Conceptually

Dr Arshlan advises future FMG aspirants to focus on learning conceptually rather than mugging up the concepts. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the concepts, as it helps retain the information longer.

When you focus on understanding the concepts better, then you are not just memorizing information; you are understanding the underlying concepts and principles. This leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter, which you can apply to clinical scenarios and answer questions effectively. 

Watch the video below to see Dr Arshaln share his preparation journey -

Dr Arshlan’s journey to success in the FMG exam is an inspiration for all FMG aspirants. His dedication, discipline, and focus have helped him achieve his goal. Dr Arshlan’s advice to learn conceptually, analyze performance, and not get demotivated with low scores in mock tests are valuable tips that can help future FMG aspirants prepare better for the exam.

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