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FMGE June 2023 Topper Dr Alikya's Preparation Journey and Strategies

Aug 28, 2023

FMGE June 2023 Topper Dr Alikya's Preparation Journey and Strategies

FMG Exam June 2023 session result recently came in and Dr Alikya Chipurupali is amongst the top scorers who qualified the exam with 229 out of 300 marks. 

At PrepLadder, we believe that learning and getting inspired from toppers is one of the surefire ways to pave a path to success. By understanding the study techniques, the time management techniques and strategies that have helped someone achieve success, you too can tailor your preparation strategy effectively.

So, here we are, bringing you the highlights from Dr Alikya’s preparation journey along with insights that led her to qualify the exam in her very first attempt.

About Dr Alikya Chipurupali

Dr Alikya has completed her MBBS from European University Georgia and she cleared FMG in the very first exam. Her preparation journey started during her college years, from the third year of college to be precise. She invested the downtime during COVID into her FMG exam preparation to get a headstart. Leveraging PrepLadder’s online preparation resources, Dr Alikya started with Anatomy, Biochemistry and Microbiology

Early Preparation Strategy 

Dr Alikya followed a balanced approach towards her preparation using PrepLadder's video lectures to develop concept clarity. She integrated her college-based subjects and with her FMG preparations for effective learning. 

For instance, if she was studying Radiology in college, then she would come back and watch Dr Nikita Nanwani’s video lectures to reinforce concepts. After completing a particular subject she would solve it’s QBank while also preparing the next subject. 

Her approach of interplaying between college subjects, FMG preparations and practicing with Qbank proved to be effective. 

By revising the previous subject while studying the next, Dr Alikya ensured effective retention and a smoother transition between topics. This strategy not only deepened her understanding but also optimized her revision process.

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Importance of QBank and Time Management

Dr Alikya's emphasis on time management and passive learning played an important role in her success. She mentioned making the most of her time by using her meal time to solve QBank or watch a video lecture. Through this passive learning strategy Dr Alikya utilized the small pockets of time she had during that day and effectively prepared for the FMG exam. 

Furthermore, she emphasized on practicing questions daily and mindfully for each subject. In addition to actively practicing MCQs, Dr Alikya also made sure to read the related explanations and learning objectives added after each question in the PrepLadder FMGE QBank 5.0. It helped reinforce her understanding of the topic and enabled quick revision. 

Customized and Smart Revision

Dr Alikya's revision strategy was dynamic and efficient. She identified essential concepts and subjects that needed more attention by keeping them bookmarked in the PrepLadder app. She would master those topics and remove them from bookmarks. 

She also relied on screenshots and learning objectives provided after each question in the QBank to revise different topics. Her emphasis on must-review topics and high-priority bookmarks demonstrates the significance and impact of targeted revision. And this technique of summarizing and revisiting high-yield questions helped her retain crucial concepts efficiently.

Exam Day Strategies

You can prepare hard for your exams but it’s ultimately how you perform on the test day that determines your score. This is why, Dr Alikya says that it is critical to approach the exam day with a calm and focused mindset. 

Her strategy was to manage time effectively during the exam and to make sure you answer maximum questions accurately. Moreover, make sure to mark questions you are doubtful about to review later. This will allow you to optimize your answers and improve your performance.

Key Takeaways

Dr Alikya's journey offers valuable insights for FMGE aspirants. Here are some of the key takeaways from her preparation journey- 

Early Start: Nothing can beat the advantage you gain by starting your exam preparations early. 

Integrate College Subjects: Prepare for the FMGE exam while simultaneously studying for college to make things easier. 

Active & Passive Learning: Engage actively with study material through daily practice and targeted revisions. In addition to active learning, Dr Alikya also tried to take full advantage of passive learning as well. 

Customized Revision: Prioritize high-yield topics and must-review concepts for efficient revision and better retention.

Time Management: Build time management skills to cover more in less time and also answer maximum questions accurately on the exam day.

Confidence and Positivity: Maintain a positive attitude and self-confidence throughout your preparation journey.

It’s truly inspiring to see how Dr Alikya  prepared for this challenging FMGE exam with a strategic and disciplined approach. Her dedication, smart study techniques, and consistency led her to success. To learn more about her FMG preparation journey - watch this interview with Dr Nikita Nanwani. 

Aspiring FMGE candidates can draw valuable lessons from her experience, translating them into their own success stories.

Dr Alikya's confidence and positive attitude stood out throughout her preparation journey. Her unwavering self-belief and determination to succeed played a significant role in keeping her motivated.

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