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Last Minute Preparation Tips for FMGE

May 20, 2023

Last Minute Preparation Tips for FMGE
Everybody knows that success comes from hard work and to achieve success in life, everyone needs to work steadily towards a goal. Here, we would like to provide some tips which can help you to complete your preparation within the limited time and you will be able to perform at your peak. It will boost up your confidence level and make you more energetic during your last minute preparation. So, it’s time to set aside your anxiety and stress. Although every student prepare very prudently during their examination time but last minute preparation plays a crucial role in your preparation. That’s why, you should never let a minute to go in vain as every minute is countable throughout your preparation. In this blog, we are going to familiarize you with some important tips in order to succour you during the last days of your exam preparation:

Practice Mock Test :

You should exercise Mock Test prior to the final examination as it will help you to know your mistakes and weak topics along with a proper planning of time management. By practicing FMGE Mock Test, you will also be able to brush up your concepts. It is the best approach to recall the concepts as well as analyze your pre exam performance. Also read: Importance of online Mock test for FMGE

Solve test papers everyday :

You should make a habit of solving previous year question papers and sample papers as much you can on daily basis. You will be able to identify your mistakes and then you can prepare them well. In this way, it will insight your robustness and weakness.

Don’t start a new topic at the last moment :

At the last moment, if you are starting with a new topic which you have never studied before, it will create an immense trouble which will also affect your study. It’s not the right time to acquire new concepts .This time should be utilized to revise your topics which you have studied before.

Keep switching between topics :

You should not depend on a single subject or chapter during this last time. Despite, try to keep switching between various topics and make certain that you won’t be panic if you are not able to manage your study of a certain topic. Also read: Studying for FMGE-How to correlate ?

Learn from your mistakes :

 Go through the online test series and evaluate the mistakes suitably which you have made at that time. And prepare them very wisely and make sure that you won’t repeat this type of mistakes again.

Make a proper strategy :

Try to frame an exam strategy on the basis of your strength and approach in Mock test /test series. Always retain your positive attitude towards your exam so that you can give your best. Never lose your mind , rather be come and keep preparing with your boosted confidence level. Also Read: How to Utilize the Final 45 Days Before FMGE?

Be relaxed, cool and calm and avoid your panic condition :

Just keep yourself cool and calm before the day of examination and don’t be panic as it will ruin all your exam preparation as it will affect your performance in the examination. As soon as you feel nervous, your brain will stop remembering the topics which you have prepared well and as a result, you will forget all those things and ultimately your exam will be hampered.

Take proper sleep on the night before the exam :

Take a sound sleep before the day of your exam because a sound mind exists in a sound body with a good sleep. Don’t study whole night before your exam day. A sound sleep will rejuvenate you and you will be able to attend your exam with a fresh mind. Also Read: Preparing for FMG Exam : Memory Hacks to Remember All 19 Subjects

Block out any distractions :

You should frame a distraction free zone to study effectively for your last minute preparations. Maintain a peaceful environment where you feel  comfortable to study without any distraction. Prepare with a faith that your hard work will give you the desired result. Lots of luck…. More Updates will be available… Stay tuned with Prepladder…
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