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Studied nothing? Score 150+ in FMGE July ‘23 in just 30 days! 

Jun 21, 2023

Studied nothing? Score 150+ in FMGE July ‘23 in just 30 days!

Sounds impossible, right? Actually, it’s possible! Read to know how.

At PrepLadder, we have a plan for all types of students. Even the ones who fall behind in their preparation and have to resort to last-minute preparation tactics. And if you are one of them, we have the answer you are looking for - How to score 150+ in the FMGE by studying for only 1 month!

What’s the answer? It’s simple, really. PYQs.

Maybe you knew this. Maybe you didn’t. However, in this post, we shall tell you exactly why PYQs are your last-minute saviour and how you can use them to crack FMGE July 2023.

It is important to know the reason why because if you don’t know how PYQs will help, you will not have any hope, and without hope, you will not be motivated to use this strategy.

Therefore, read till the end. Very carefully. You have only 30 days. Use them to the max.

Why PYQs are the key to cracking 150+ in the FMGE

PYQs are one of the most important resources to use while preparing for any competitive exam. However, for FMGE especially, PYQs are the lifeline that will let you crack the exam with a decent score.

Here’s why:

  1. PYQs are extensively asked in the FMG exam. And this gives you a significant advantage if you are aiming for FMGE July 2023. If you cover all the PYQs from the past 5 years, you can complete almost 50% of the entire FMGE syllabus quite easily in just 30 days.
  2. PYQs offer valuable insights into the exam pattern, question style, and topics that are frequently asked in the exam. If you are completely unprepared for the FMG exam, this is your golden ticket!
  3. Once you start solving PYQs, you will be able to identify the recurring themes and topics. This will give you the confidence to solve similar questions on the day of the exam. This is because the topics remain the same. Only the perspective from which the question is asked changes.

Don’t just listen to us. Hear it from someone who has been in your situation and faced the same challenges.

Dr Tanya Singh Arora completed her MBBS from SSR Medical College, Mauritius, and cleared FMGE in Dec 2021. She says, “PYQs were my savior, period. As a survivor of post-COVID complications, I did not have much time to do my revisions. So I started doing PrepLadder’s FMGE PYQs. It not only helped me to revise all the high-yield topics but also enhanced my question-solving skills.”

You can easily identify recurring or high-yield topics and revise them for maximum scores in the FMG exam. That makes sense, right? Of course, it does.

Before you start your preparation, get all the insights you need by reading about the Latest FMGE Marks Distribution and Exam Pattern. This will enable you to get a clear understanding of the exam structure and how you need to plan your preparation.

And since we are discussing PYQs, have you heard of the FMGE 2023 Flashback Series? It is the perfect resource to add to your preparation strategy. It’s where our top FMGE faculty provide you with the most important PYQs, break them down and show you how to answer them.

You can check out the complete playlist or just start with one of the videos given below.

Now let us look at how to use PrepLadder’s PYQs to crack the FMGE July 2023 and come back to India.

How to use PrepLadder’s PYQs & Crack FMGE July ‘23

With PrepLadder, you get access to all the PYQs dating back to 2018. If your goal is just to pass the FMGE, then this strategy is more than enough to get you officially back to India.

First, let’s understand how to solve PYQs topic-wise, and then we’ll move on to solving them year-wise.

Let’s get started.

  1. Solving PYQs topic-wise

    1. Go on the PrepLadder App and tap on the QBank section at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Select a high-yield subject. For example, Medicine.
    3. Under every topic, you will find Previous Year Questions.
    FMGE topic wise PYQs

  2. Solving PYQs year-wise

    1. Go on the PrepLadder App and tap on the Tests section at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Tap on the Past Exams option at the top of the screen.
    3. You will see a list of all the past FMG exams from June 2018 to January 2023.
    FMGE year wise past exam paper

Simple enough, right? Great.

FMGE Elite Plan

Is that it? Is there any other resource to study quickly?

Yes, there is! In fact, at PrepLadder, we make it a point to create only crisp, effective and comprehensive content for studying.

PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision (RR) is the perfect resource to give yourself a quick overview of important and recurring topics and strengthen your conceptual knowledge at the same time.

Read this blog post to know the best way to leverage Rapid Revision for FMGE in just one month.

And that is it. Even if you have not studied till now or had to break your preparation in between for any reason, PYQs and RR (if you have the time) are your saviours.

And with that, we have reached the end of this post. We hope that this post helped you. Start your preparation immediately and watch the magic happen.

With your hard work and the right resources to back your preparation, soon you will be happily searching for the best colleges for your FMG Internship in India and well on your way to becoming a top doctor in your field.
With the PrepLadder app, the right resources are in the palm of your hand. So kickstart your learning journey with PrepLadder and download the FMGE online Preparation APP for Android or the Online preparation FMGE APP for iOS, if you haven’t already and take the first step towards joining the league of FMGE toppers.

All the best!

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