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How to leverage Rapid Revision for FMGE June 2023?

Jun 13, 2023

fmge rapid revision

You have one month left before FMGE June 2023 begins.

What would you prefer - Revising 100% syllabus or revising all important topics?

What do you think toppers do? Let us give you a hint.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview conducted by our top Pathology and Microbiology faculty, Dr Preeti Sharma, with one of our FMGE Jan 2023 toppers, Dr Faizan Gulzar Dar (Score: 250):

Dr Preeti: How did you stick to one source, and what was your plan for the last one week before the exam?

Dr Faizan: My only source was PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision. It was concise, and I was able to revise all my subjects……it took me around 18 days to complete my revision.

You can watch the complete interview here.

Granted, he was not able to complete all of the subjects in one go, but that was not his goal. And that should not be your goal either because not all subjects are high-yielding subjects.

Your goal is to crack the FMGE June 2023 exam only. And we have the perfect strategy to help you achieve that.

When you have such a vast syllabus as the FMGE syllabus in your hands, completing the syllabus and then revising it are two significant challenges. This is why our students swear by our treasured Rapid Revision (RR) series. RR is a concise and carefully curated resource that makes revision less time-consuming and more efficient.

RR has been a valued asset for aspirants, and we know this for a fact because students and toppers have told us this through countless testimonials.

Before we move on, learn how to fill online FMGE July 2023 application form if you have not already.

Keep reading to know the Rapid Revision strategy you must use to ace the upcoming FMGE June 2023 exam.

FMGE Mock Test

How to use Rapid Revision to ace FMGE June 2023 exam?

The FMGE June 2023 exam date is July 30th, and that is only a few days away. Right now, effective revision can be a game-changer in your preparation.

In the next few paragraphs, we shall go through how you must use RR in your revision strategy, and afterwards, we shall look at what you must NOT do during this crucial phase of preparation.

Let’s begin.

  1. Select the subjects you cannot skip

    Time is scarce, and you must utilise it properly for maximum retention and to avoid burnout. As such, it is essential to know which subjects or topics are important and which ones you can skip during this last phase of your examination.

    This way, you can cover the most essential topics first and improve the possibility of achieving a great score.

    Essential subjects you cannot skip include Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, Gynaecology, Forensic Medicine, Pathology and Biostat. These are subjects you must revise during the last phase of your preparation.

    Subjects you can skip if you don’t have the time include ENT, Ophthalmology, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, and Radiology. These subjects are not high-yield subjects. However, you can go through their important topics later if you have the time.

  2. Go through the RR videos of all high-yield topics

    Now that you have an idea of which subjects you need to focus on, go through the RR videos of those subjects thoroughly. There are 200 hours of highly-informative videos that are strategically curated to help you cover all high-yield subjects in less time.

    These videos are compressed, but they leave nothing out. Guaranteed!

Let’s pause for a moment here.

Have you heard of our FMGE 2023 Flashback Series? It is an amazing initiative where our Dream Team FMGE Edition faculty will take you through the most crucial previous year questions (PYQs) of the past five years.

Here is an FMGE 2023 Flashback Series video by our ace faculty Dr Nikita Nanwani if you want to check it out.

  1. Study RR Notes

    Rapid Revision notes are an extremely reliable resource for you to ace your revision. They are equipped with images, graphics, charts, illustrations and much more. Best of all, they are self-explanatory, so you will not require any other reference text.

    Reading the notes are watching the videos will further strengthen your conceptual understanding. The good news is that RR notes are not only crisp and concise, they are filled with graphics and so are highly engaging as well.

  2. Pay special attention to Maps and Concept Ladders

    Conceptual clarity is the best way to retain information, and that is what these features are here for.

    Maps and concept ladders are special features that have been created to make your FMGE preparation 2x effective.

    For every important topic, you will find a map that integrates that topic with multiple subjects. This way, you will understand how each topic is related to multiple subjects and, thereby, gain a 360° understanding of the topic.

    Moving on, you will also find concept ladders for all important concepts. These ladders explain each concept one step at a time, just like climbing a ladder. With each step, you will gain amazing concept clarity and will be able to answer questions in the exam confidently.

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  3. Practice MCQs in RR’s High-Yield QBank

    There is no alternative to practising your MCQs. If you want to crack FMGE June 2023, then you need to practice a lot of MCQs.

    You will find 2500 handpicked questions that are high-yield and will help you boost your practice. These are also available subject-wise so that you can immediately jump on a subject-specific QBank after you have finished your revision.

    There is also a separate section for PYQs in the QBank. This is a section you must complete anyhow.

    And that sums up how you can make the most of PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision for your FMGE June 2023 preparation.

    Now, as promised, here is what you must NOT do during this crucial preparation phase.

Now, as promised, here is what you must NOT do during this crucial preparation phase.

Believe it or not, getting over FOMO is one of the essential steps to a successful study strategy.

It is important to recognise that this is not the time for extensive learning. This is the entire reason we recommended segregating the high-yield from the low-yield subjects first.

Your aim at this point should be to complete the RR videos and Notes. Revise as many times as possible, and you will be able to recall information immediately in the exam.

And before we conclude, here’s one piece of advice: Avoid pulling all-nighters and disturbing your sleep cycle. A regular sleep routine can double your recall capacity and increase your analytical ability in the exam because your mind is trained to work at full capacity.

We hope that this post helped you and that now you understand how Rapid Revision can elevate your exam preparation.

With your hard work and the right resources to back your preparation, soon you will be happily searching for the best colleges for your FMG Internship in India and well on your way to becoming a top doctor in your field.

With PrepLadder, the right resources are in the palm of your hand. So download the FMGE preparation APP for Andriod or FMGE preparation APP for iOS, if you haven’t already and take the first step towards joining the league of FMGE toppers.

Resources like Rapid Revision are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PrepLadder’s innovation in boosting your exam preparation. Our QBank FMGE Edition, Treasures and Notes are some of the best-in-class study resources available for FMGE preparation.
All the best!

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