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Success Mantra for Clearing FMGE

Mar 1, 2017

Success Mantra for Clearing FMGE FMGE exam is extremely difficult and qualifying it a highly challenging task.No matter how good you may be during your graduation, a ‘Smart Strategy’ is essential to ensure qualifying the FMGE exam. A simple preparation strategy cannot work owing to the tough nature of the exam and the consistently increasing difficulty level year by year.This blog will familiarize you with the Success Mantra for Clearing the FMGE exam.

Success Mantra for Clearing FMGE

We will now list down the ‘Success Mantra’ for qualifying the FMGE.

Commence Preparation Well in Time

For a systematic and complete preparation, it is essential to start your preparation well in time. Commencing preparation only 4-5 months before the exam is not the correct approach. Ideal preparation requires minimum 1 year of span. Therefore, make sure to start preparation well in time to guarantee your success.

Accumulate Study Resources

Before commencing your preparation, you must accumulate study resources. For conceptual clearance, follow Standard Books referred to during Graduation. Purchase 2-3 good MCQ Books for practice. Purchase FMGE solved papers book.

Review Previous Papers & Prepare the List of Important Topics

Those holding the view of completing the entire syllabus for preparation are certainly on the wrong track. The difficulty level demands ‘Selective Approach’ to qualify the exam. Therefore, the correct strategy is to Review the previous papers of FMGE and prepare the list of Most Important Topics. Also Read : Ultimate FMGE preparation guide

Follow a Study Routine

Following a casual approach cannot bring you success since a rigorous degree of effort is required for clearing the exam. Therefore, follow a study plan and make a list of the items to be covered each day and make sure to complete each day’s target. Do not procrastinate since this will eventually put you in trouble. Make sure to maintain consistency and regularity in the preparation and completion of your routine targets.

Choose Your Priorities

Studying for any exam is not an easy task and one usually gets distracted several times during the preparation. However, it is important to choose your preferences in order overpower monotony or dullness of preparation. You need to figure out whether you want to suffer the pain of preparation or suffer the pain of regret later after failure. Keeping your end goals clear will help you stay focused and avoid getting distracted.

Consistent Practice & Revision

A theoretical approach solely cannot serve helpful in qualifying the exam. It is essential to practice consistently during the preparation as this activity will familiarize you with new questions and also help learn application of concepts. Further, to ensure retention of information for a longer duration, it is essential to perform revision on a regular basis. Recalling Topics on a routinely basis will facilitate longer retention.

Test Yourself Often

Pen and paper mode of preparation solely cannot work in an online exam. It is essential to develop familiarity with the online platform to ensure success in an online exam. Therefore, enroll in a good Online Test Series and practice Mock Tests frequently. Review your performance after each mock test and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Strive to improve your weak areas, accuracy and time management skills with each attempt. PrepLadder’s FMGE Guarantee Pack offers the same platform as the Real Exam with Customized Improvement Plan and numerous other benefits.

Remained Tuned to Discussion Forums & Groups on Social Media

Rather than using social media for unproductive purposes, tune in to the FMGE Discussion Forums and Groups. These Forums and groups post useful shortcuts, exam-related updates, quiz, blogs that can really serve helpful in FMGE preparation. We hope that adhering to the aforesaid tips will definitely help you qualify the upcoming FMGE exam. Stay Tuned for More Updatesǃǃ
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