The Ultimate Study Material You Need To Crack FMGE

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The Ultimate Preparation Guide For FMGE

Sep 07, 2021

Prepration Guide for FMGE

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) or Medical Council of India Screening Test is the only thing between you and the commencement of your professional medical journey in India. Once you start looking at it as your ticket to board the flight of excellence as a doctor, it won’t seem like a roadblock. You would be told that it is a grueling ride, that you may have to appear for it multiple times before you can finally get to laminate the hard copy of your medical license. However, if you have the passion it takes to subject yourself to another challenging test and a good plan, you will be invincible!

The most intellectual minds got together to develop the best FMGE exam preparation guide an FMGE aspirant could ask for.

FMGE Mock Test

Prepare to nail the FMGE in the first attempt!

The Basics 

“I didn’t think this through” or “I wish my plan were good enough!” We don’t want you to find any phrase or sentence with even the slightest hint of regret relatable after the exam. Your preparation plan must be a composite of timelines, realistic targets, concise notes, and tests, lots of tests! However, before you start working on your timetable, you must have a vision and a direction to follow. 

With so much to study, you don’t want to burn the midnight oil studying the topics that are not important. So, before getting started, make sure you are aware of the syllabus:

Syllabus (2021)
Forensic Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
General Surgery
Respiratory Diseases and Tuberculosis
Community Medicine
Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Exam Pattern

An understanding of the exam pattern helps you determine the direction of your preparation. When your study plan aligns with the pattern, the chances of getting surprised (not in pleasant ways) on the exam day significantly decrease. 

Take a look at the exam pattern of the FMGE conducted in June 2021 to ensure that your plan is efficient and leads you to the path of triumph.


Mode of ExamComputer-Based
Exam LanguageEnglish
Type of QuestionsObjective
Total Number of PapersTwo: Part A and Part B
Total Number of Questions300
Maximum Marks300
Time AllottedFive Hours (Two and a Half Hours for each Part)
Marks for Every Correct Answer1
Negative MarkingNo Negative Marking

2. The Significance of Starting Early

You could have impressive grasping potential and a good IQ and, you could be one of the brightest people you know. But if you don’t begin the preparation well in time, you won’t be able to make the most of your capabilities. Dedicate 4-6 months to serious preparation to avoid feeling overwhelmed after the exam dates are announced. Initiating this journey well in advance prepares you for all the possible obstacles and challenges. It also allows you to make the inevitable mistakes right in the beginning so that those don’t come between you and a remarkable performance on the exam day.

3. Study Material

Make no compromises when it comes to compiling the study material for the FMGE. Reliable study material lays a staunch foundation for your preparation journey, enabling you to march forward with confidence. PrepLadder’s video content and notes will save you the time of knocking on a hundred doors and over-burdening your bookshelves. The app has everything- from complex cycles to drug reactions, from the pathophysiology of every disease to their drug management. Every topic has been explained incredibly well, so much that studying for 6-8 hours a day won’t seem burdensome!

4. Revision

Read it thrice already? Watched the videos twice? Well, don’t refrain from doing it again, and then again. Revision is the key that unlocks the doors labeled as ‘impossible’. So don’t let the number game keep you from giving your best and revise the entire syllabus like a pro.

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5. QBank and Mock Tests

Being fond of question marks and tests is a rare thing. However, when it comes to the FMGE preparation, you cannot afford to stay away from the world of questions and practice tests. Your test results initially may look like your worst nightmares. But by the time you reach the last level of the preparation plan after taking multiple tests, your dream rank is no longer a blur; it is clearer than ever before.

PrepLadder’s question bank is complete and, the mock tests reflect the team’s expertise, increasing your familiarity with the exam pattern with every test you take. Thousands of questions and a treasure trove of practice tests await you to make the most of those. So that on the exam day, you are the best version of yourself.

Now tests are meant to promise growth but, that does not happen unless you identify your weaknesses, learn from your mistakes, and understand your level of accuracy. Only when you know what your shortcomings are, you can rectify them with a plan that guarantees growth. 

PrepLadder’s performance analysis helps you conquer the mountain of FMGE through its detailed performance cards, including your rank, total marks, percentile, total time taken to complete the test, number of correct, incorrect, unattempted, and guessed answers. Also, you learn about the scores obtained by the topper of a particular test, your subject-wise performance, the level of accuracy, and just everything you need to know. Awareness of all these factors sheds light on the success of your existing methods and brings to your attention your weak areas. It further helps you fuel your performance with a modified plan.

The license you keep dreaming about is just an examination away. Just get started the right way, proceed with consistent efforts, motivate yourself, and move up a gear after covering the entire FMGE syllabus. You have the guide you need and the inspiration you seek, so kickstart the most rewarding chapter of your career!

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