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Time Management Tips For FMGE

Dec 10, 2016

Time management FMGE demands backbreaking and intense hard work coupled with a strong determination to get through. Efficient Time Management is vital in the FMG exam since it impacts overall attempt and performance in FMG exam. This article will make the aspirants acquainted with Effective Time-Management Tips for FMGE , June 2018.
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Effective Time Management Tips for FMGE

1.Attempt Easier Questions First

The key to effective time management while attempting the exam is to first attempt those questions which find easy and are assured of being correct. It is preferable to leave difficult questions unanswered in the beginning since they will consume a lot of valuable time and will gradually lower your overall performance in the exam.

2.Do not get stuck on Any Question

Make sure not to get stuck on any question for too long. In such a situation, leave that particular question for later and advance to some other question. Also read : How to attempt 300 questions in 300 minutes

3.Practice in a Simulated Environment

Efficient Time Management can only be learnt through practicing in a simulated environment. Attempt a large number of online mock tests to learn effective time management. Figure out the amount of time to be devoted to each question and try to reduce the time invested per question with each attempt. Try to improve your time management skill with each attempt. Adequate practice on the simulated environment would help you to learn efficient time management in the exam. Also read : Online Mock Test Practice Required to clear FMGE

4.Review Options

An effective tool for sound time management is to review the options in the case of the question which appears completely alien. Go through the options and try to wipe out the most irrelevant ones. Then, from the remaining alternatives, try to filter out the option which most appropriately satisfies all the question conditions.

5.Do Brainstorming after reading the question

You must brainstorm after reading the question to figure out what concept must be applied or which technique must be used. Avoid jumping to conclusions without sufficient brainstorming. This will only lower your overall performance in the exam.

6.Remain Calm and Focused while Attempting the Exam

You must retain your focus while attempting the exam. Do not make room for distractions while attempting the exam. Also, you must remain calm and must not panic even in the worse situations. Keeping calm and focused will help you to attempt questions at a faster pace and will boost your overall performance.

7.Start with Full Momentum rather than saving it for Later

You must commence your exam with full momentum and vibrancy. Do not get lazy while attempting the exam since it will lower your overall attempt and performance. Remain enthusiastic and energetic while attempting the exam.

8.Do not try to Remember Notes, Arrive at Answers Logically

You must try to arrive at answers logically instead of recalling the notes. This saves from exasperation and avoids panic. Arriving at answers logically will help you to save time while attempting the exam. We are sure that the tips listed above will surely help the aspirants to manage Time effectively in the FMGE. Also read : How to attempt MCQs in FMGE Stay tuned for more Updates!!
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