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FMGE Previous Year Questions for Pathology

Jul 18, 2023

fmge previous year question for pathology

Pathology, a critical subject with substantial weightage in the FMG exam, demands a strong command. Practicing previous year questions (PYQs) has proven to be one of the most reliable ways to master this subject. Therefore, in this blog post we’ve discussed FMGE previous year questions for Pathology from the last 5 years. You will also find the correct answer along with every question. 

Read further to discover all the essential FMGE PYQs for Pathology and use them to identify high-yield topics that are frequently tested in the FMGE exam. By focusing on these areas, you can streamline your preparation and boost your chances of success. 

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FMGE Previous Year Questions - Pathology

1. 54 Year old male patient presented with a pigmented lesion measuring 4*3 cm on the right cheek. Biopsy of the lesion shows presence of atypical cells with prominent nucleoli. Mitotic figures are noted. Histopathological diagnosis of malignant melanoma is made. Which of the following stains is used for the diagnosis?

HemosiderinOil red O
HMB45Congo Red

Correct Answer:  HMB45

2. Which of the following stains is used for the detection of hemosiderin deposits? 

Masson-Fontana StainOil red O
Sudan BlackPerl’s Prussian blue

Correct Answer: Perl’s Prussian blue

3. A 55-year old man is found to have hepatomegaly on physical examination. He also complains of having a dark tan despite avoiding sun exposure. His liver microscopy is given on the slide below. This patient most likely suffers from

Wilson’s diseaseAutoimmune hepatitis
Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency Hemochromatosis

Correct Answer: Hemochromatosis

4. A 30 year old female presenting with an unsteady gait, forgetfulness, labile moods, and Kayser-Fleischer rings was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease. Which of the following options correctly indicate the gene mutated in this condition and its location?

ATP7B gene on chromosome 13ATP7A gene on chromosome 13
ATP7B gene on chromosome 17ATP7A gene on chromosome 17

Correct answer: ATP7B gene on chromosome 13

5.  The body of an 83 year old man has been seen for post-mortem to know the cause of death. You are examining a histopathological slide containing a section of his cardiac tissue where you notice some pigmentation. Which is the substance that is seen in the image given below.

Melanin Lipofuscin

Correct Answer: Lipofuscin

6. A 40 year old female presents with the development of seizures for which a C-guided biopsy was done. The histopathological showed the presence of ‘psammoma bodies’. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Correct Answer:  Meningioma

7. Which of the following enzymes is responsible for the immortality of the cancer cells?

Helicase RNA polymerase

Correct Answer: Telomerase

8. Asbestosis is most commonly associated with which malignancy?

Hepatocellular carcinomaRenal cell carcinoma

Correct Answer: Mesothelioma

9. A 45 year patient working in a factory for past 20 years presents with breathlessness. HRTC chest shows pleural thickening and fibrosis. What is the person suffering from?

AsbestosisCoal worker pneumoconiosis

Correct Answer: Asbestosis

10.  A middle aged man working in sandblasting developed hemoptysis, and a productive cough. Chest x-ray is suggestive of tuberculosis. Which of the following is associated with the same?

Anthracosis Siderosis

Correct Answer: Silicosis

11. Hepatic angiosarcoma is associated with which of the following?


Correct Answer: Arsenic

12. AFP (alpha feto protein) is raised in: 

Renal CarcinomaPancreatic carcinoma
Prostatic CarcinomaHepatic Carcinoma

Correct Answer: Hepatic Carcinoma

13. Macrophages play an important role in phagocytosis and chronic inflammation. Which of the following cells perform the same function in the liver?

HepatocytesMerkel cells
Sinusoid all cellsKupffer cells

Correct Answer: Kupffer cells

14. A 12 year old child presented with 15 days of cough. On examination, cervical lymphadenopathy was noted and the lymph node biopsy showed the following features. What is the most probable diagnosis?


Correct Answer: Tuberculosis

15. Stellate granuloma is found in: 

Cat scratch disease Leprosy

Correct Answer: Cat scratch disease 

16. HLA is located on:

Short arm of chr-6Long arm of chr-6
Short arm of chr-3Long arm of chr -3

Correct Answer: Short arm of chr-6

17. Which of the following is most abundant glycoprotein in basement membranes?


Correct Answer: Laminin

18. Which of the following describes the correct order of cyclins in cell cycle progression?


Correct Answer: D/E/A/B

19. A 78 year-old male presented with complaints of fatigue, breathlessness, and palpitations. He has no co-morbidities and does not smoke or drink. On examination there was pedal edema and vitals were: PR-55, BP-100/70, Spo2-94%. An ECG was taken which showed no abnormalities after which he was given oxygen and an ECHO revealed restrictive cardiomyopathy. The physician in doubt of a disease did a cardiac biopsy which showed apple-green birefringence when viewed under polarized light after staining with Congo red stain. What is the diagnosis?

Heart failure Cardiac amyloidosis
Hemosiderosis Dystrophic Calcification 

Correct Answer: Cardiac amyloidosis

20. Which of the following is not seen on the electron microscopic appearance of amyloid

Non-branching fibrilsIndefinite length 
Beta pleated sheet configuration Diameter 7.5-10nm

Correct Answer: Beta pleated sheet configuration 

21. A 65 year old man was admitted to the emergency ward with severe, sudden onset chest pain radiating to the left arm and profuse sweating. ECG showed ST-segment elevation. The person succumbed after 3 hours. During the autopsy, his heart was taken out and immersed in a solution. The normal area of the heart turned brick red whereas the infarcted portion turned white. Which of the following can be the likely component of the solution?

Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride
Formalin Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride

Correct Answer: Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride

22. Most common primary for brain metastasis is which of the following?

Lung CancerHead and neck cancer
Prostate cancerBreast Cancer

Correct Answer: Lung Cancer

23. A 60-year old man presents with a 4-month history of increasing weight loss, wheezing and shortness of breath. He has smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 40 years. His past medical history is significant for emphysema and chronic bronchitis. A chest x-ray shows a 10-cm mass in the left main stem bronchus. A biopsy is obtained (shown in the image). Immunohistochemical studies of this biopsy specimen would most likely show strong expression of which of the following tumor markers?

tumor markers p40

Correct Answer: p40

24. All are true for GIST except?

Most common mesenchymal tumors of GITC-KIT mutation
Originates from cells of CajalMajority seen in duodenum

Correct Answer: Majority seen in duodenum

25. In the WHO grading of astrocytomas, which grade does glioblastoma fall under? 


Correct Answer: IV

26. A 35 year old female patient presents with epileptic attacks. Radiological investigations reveal presence of a frontal lobe mass with foci of calcification. Biopsy shows presence of sheets of cells with grief egg appearance. Patient is diagnosed with a grade 2 brain tumor and advised on genetic analysis. Treatment of the patient shows a good response to chemotherapy. Which of the following tumors best describes this?

Oligodendroglioma Glioblastoma
Meningioma JPA

Correct Answer: Oligodendroglioma

27. A 55 year old man presents with seizures and muscle weakness but no other neurological sign. CT scan reveals a mass in the left cerebral hemisphere. Left frontotemporal craniotomy is performed. Histological examination of brain biopsy is shown. Diagnosis? 


Correct Answer: Glioblastoma

28. A 40 year old female presents with a worsening headache since 8 months. A left subfrontal mass is resected. Microscopy shows whorling of tumor cells which express progesterone receptors. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Low grade GliomaCraniopharyngioma

Correct Answer: Meningioma

29. Tau protein inclusion are involved in

Alzheimer’s diseaseHuntington disease
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosisCNS lymphoma

Correct Answer: Alzheimer’s disease

30. A patient presented with midline swelling in the neck. Biopsy revealing orphan Annie’s eye nuclei as shown in the image below is suggestive of - 

Papillary Carcinoma
Follicular carcinomaPapillary Carcinoma
Toxic nodular goiterMedullary carcinoma

Correct Answer: Papillary Carcinoma

While this blog only covers the previous year's questions for Pathology, we've also crafted an extensive post encompassing FMGE previous year question papers for the past three exams. PDFs of FMGE Previous Year Question papers are also available to help you strengthen your exam readiness.

31. A patient presented with midline swelling in the neck and weight loss. The consulting physician decided to go in for a thyroid biopsy. Biopsy revealed the presence of ‘Orphan Annie eye nuclei’. Which of the following is the likely diagnosis? 

Follicular thyroid carcinomaPapillary thyroid carcinoma
Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma Medullary thyroid carcinoma

Correct Answer: Papillary thyroid carcinoma

32. A patient presented with midline swelling in the neck. Biopsy revealing ‘Orphan Annie eye nuclei’ as shown in the image below is suggestive of -

Papillary carcinoma
Follicular carcinomaPapillary carcinoma
Toxic nodular goitreMedullary carcinoma

Correct Answer: Papillary carcinoma

33. Match the following appearances with their respective diseases

  1. Putty kidney                                    1) Amyloidosis
  2. Flea bitten kidney                            2) TB
  3. Leather grain kidney                       3) Malignant HTN
  4. Waxy kidney                                    4) Benign HTN
A-1, b-2, c-3, d-4A-2, b-3, c-4, d-1
A-3, b-2, c-1, d-4A-4, b-2, c-1, d-3

Correct Answer: A-2, b-3, c-4, d-1

34. Identify the crystal? 

Cholesterol Cysteine
Calcium Triple po4

Correct Answer: Cysteine

35. Identify the cast? 

Muddy brown Cast
Hyaline castRBC cast
Muddy brown CastGranular Cast

Correct Answer: Muddy brown Cast

35. Identify the cast? 

Hyaline cast
Hyaline castRBC cast
WBC CastGranular Cast

Correct Answer: Hyaline cast

36. A 15 year old boy presented with one boy history of bleeding gums, subconjunctival bleed and purpuric rash. Investigation revealed the following results. 

Hb - 6.4gm/dL; TLS - 26,500/mm3, Platelet 35000 mm3; Prothrombin time - 20 sec with a control of 13 sec, partial thromboplastin time - 50 sec.

Peripheral smears was suggestive of acute myeloblastic leukemia. Which of the following is most likely?

Myeloblastic leukemia without maturationMyeloblastic leukemia with maturation
Promyelocytic leukemia Myelomonocytic leukemia 

Correct Answer: Promyelocytic leukemia 

37. A 30 year old male complained of fatigue for the past 1 year. Examination revealed massive splenomegaly. His blood workup shows the following findings. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? 

  • Anemia
  • Total leucocyte count

  - 1,50,000/microL

- Peripheral blood smear

   - 60% neutrophils -6%

   - Basophils -4%

   - Eosinophils 

   - Myeloblasts, myelocytes, and metamyelocytes



Correct Answer: CML

38. College girl appearance/ Garden party girls appearance of leucocytes are seen in


Correct Answer: CML

39. A 5 year old boy presents with weight loss, fever, and a painless swelling in the area of his jaw. CBC reveals anemia and lymphocytosis. Biopsy findings from the swelling are seen in the image below. What is the diagnosis?

Burkitt lymphoma
Kikuchi diseaseInfectious mononucleosis 
Hodgkin's lymphomaBurkitt lymphoma

Correct Answer: Burkitt lymphoma

Try to review each of the above PYQs thoroughly along with all of its options in detail. You can also watch this video by Dr Preeti Sharma, where she discusses all the PYQs and their explanations in detail. 

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