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Dermatographia: Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment and Complications

Oct 13, 2023

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Causes Of  Dermatographia

Symptoms Of Dermatographia

Risk Factors Of Dermatographia

How is Dermatographia Diagnosed?

Treatment Of Dermatographia

Prevention Of Dermatographia

Dermatographia: Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment and Complications

A disorder known as dermatographia causes scratches that appear minor to react suddenly and dramatically. It may be more common if you've previously had allergies or dermatitis.

Other names for this medical condition are dermatographism and dermatographic urticaria. Additionally known as "skin writing." The most frequently affected demographics are older children and younger adults, who together make up about 5% of the population.

Your skin may be bothered by scratches, but they usually go away shortly. While some cuts rarely bleed at all, others contrast starkly as white on the skin. On the other side, dermatographia exacerbates the scratches and may result in severe wounds or even allergic-like reactions.

Antihistamines are frequently used to treat dermatological problems to lessen widespread itching and discomfort. Although the symptoms are brief, there is no treatment for this illness. Rare cases require more in-depth medical treatment from a dermatologist.

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Causes Of  Dermatographia

The particular causes of Dermatographia are not known. The following are considered to be the condition's causes:

A history of allergies emphasizes extreme skin rubbing brought on by clothing or bed bugs as well as certain medications, such as penicillin, and activities (like wrestling), which encourage excessive skin rubbing.

Symptoms Of Dermatographia

Symptoms and indicators of dermatographia are mentioned below:

A scratch causes dermatographia symptoms to show up. The onset of symptoms is gradual, But they are reactions to scratching. These symptoms can emerge unexpectedly.

The following signs of dermatographia include:

  • Redness
  • Prominent skin scars that look like serious wounds
  • Stinging or swelling that generates welts that mimic hives

A symptom typically lasts for 30 minutes. Rarely do symptoms last for a day or more. However, dermographism itself might persist for several months or even years.

Temperature extremes may exacerbate symptoms. In dry weather, dermographism might happen more frequently. Warm water is produced by showers, hot tubs, and saunas, all of which can aggravate symptoms.

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Risk Factors Of Dermatographia

Dermatographia is assumed to have various risk factors, even though its causes are unknown. You could be more open to attack if you:

  • Have dry skin
  • Dermatitis is a skin disease that many young adults have experienced, in the past. People with thyroid disease frequently scrape their skin.
  • Having an underlying condition or a problem with the nerves that causes itchy skin
  • Although children are more prone to dermatitis generally, dermatographia is more common in adolescents and young adults.

How is Dermatographia Diagnosed?

Dermatographia is diagnosed using a skin test. To check for any adverse reactions, your doctor may lightly brush a piece of your skin with a tongue depressor. In-office testing allows patients to frequently determine their problem in only one visit. Your doctor may also check other areas of your skin for scars.

Blood tests and X-rays are not required to diagnose this condition.

Treatment Of Dermatographia

Unless dermatographia develops into a chronic condition, you might not always require medical treatment. Chronic refers to a persistent condition.

Although complementary therapies may also be helpful, over-the-counter medications are frequently used to treat symptoms. Never use new medications, herbs, or nutritional supplements without first visiting a doctor.

The Healthline FindCare function may provide choices in your community if you don't currently have a doctor.

The symptoms of dermatographia can be treated with over-the-counter allergy medications. Examples include the sedatives cetirizine and diphenhydramine.

These antihistamines prevent histamine from being released by the body in response to allergens and substances that trigger allergic reactions. Loratadine and fexofenadine are two additional antihistamines, however, they take longer to take effect.

Dermatographia symptoms could be effectively stopped by taking an antihistamine regularly.

A doctor might suggest phototherapy in serious circumstances. Only skin diseases are intended for this specific outpatient radiation therapy. Additionally, it is used to treat psoriasis.

Prevention Of Dermatographia

Dermatographia may be uncomfortable, but it's possible to prevent its negative effects. Consider altering your lifestyle and taking the following safety measures:

  • Avoid wearing scratchy items while sleeping: Wool and synthetic materials are two common sources of skin sensitivity.
  • Use soaps without fragrances: Because of the additional chemicals and dyes, your skin might get itchy.
  • Showers need to be cool to lukewarm.
  • Use a humidifier when it's chilly and dry outside.
  • Moisturize your skin each day: For best results, apply a moisturizing lotion or cream right after a bath.
  • Avoid scratching your skin if you can: Care for inflamed skin reduces the risk of scratches.
  • Keep your tension under control: Exercise, enough rest, and meditation can all help to lower stress.

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