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Introduction to Medical Ethics - Forensic Medicine    

Apr 24, 2023

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Medical Negligence / Professional Malpractices, Consent

List of unethical acts

Punishment by SMC (State Medical Council)


Cases filed under consumer court

MEDICAL Maloccurrence

Professional Secrecy

Vicarious Liability


Previous Year Question

Q. Punishment of perjury is given by? (NEET - Jan - 2019)

Q. Punishment for causing death due to medical negligence is given by?

Q. While doing hysterectomy after informed consent for uterine fibroids. Ureter is damaged intraoperatively even after diligent measures. A doctor is not responsible under which doctrine? (FMGE - DEC - 2020)

Q. In case of professional misconduct, patient records are demand should be provided with? (AIIMS - Nov - 2018)

Q. A doctor takes consent before surgical procedures and also, he may go beyond the consent if he feels the need for patients benefit? (AIIMS - Jun - 2020)

Q. A doctor who is drunk, while performing the surgery, injured a major vessel & death of patient. This is? (NEET PG -2022)

Medical ethics
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