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About Forensic Medicine for NEET PG

Forensic Medicine is yet another crucial subject of the NEET PG exam with a weightage of 10 questions anticipated every year. The subject is comparatively easy and based on all facts. Owing to the factual nature of the subject, it requires constant revision for better retention. As a NEET PG aspirant, it is extremely important to have a thorough understanding of this subject to add to the scorecard.

How does PrepLadder make Forensic Medicine learning easy for students?

PrepLadder is an all-in-one resource for students aiming for Medical PG, powered with video lectures, study material, notes, question banks, mock tests and so much more, specially curated by India’s Top Medical PG faculty all in one place.

Meet our Forensic Medicine Faculty

Dr. J Magendran, MBBS, MD, Gold medalist, is working as an Associate Professor in The Department of Forensic Medicine, Saveetha, Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Students love his methods of teaching and he is known to have helped many Medical PG aspirants to achieve their goals with his love and passion for Forensic Medicine.


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