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A Good Rank = 100 % Refund: PrepLadder’s Refund Offer | Because Our Toppers Deserve It

Jan 31, 2022

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PrepLadder’s Refund Offer for the Toppers- Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Who is Eligible?

PrepLadder’s Refund Offer (NEET-PG): Criteria

How to Avail The Refund Offer?

Terms & Conditions


PrepLadder’s Refund Offer for the Toppers- Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who purchases the PrepLadder Dream Pack between 4th February and 13th March 2022 is eligible for a refund.

PrepLadder’s Refund Offer (NEET-PG): Criteria

In order to claim a refund on the purchased pack, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

Any candidate meeting the eligibility requirement upon achieving a rank from 1st to 100th in the NEET-PG will get a complete refund on the amount they paid to purchase the Dream Pack.

 A candidate who achieves a rank between 101 and 9999 in the NEET-PG will get a Pro-Rata Refund based on the pack validity left on the day of the result announcement. 

NEET-PG1-100Complete Refund 
NEET-PG101-9999Pro-Rata Refund 

How to Avail The Refund Offer?

If you are one of the top 9999 rank holders on the NEET-PG and have a subscription to PrepLadder’s Dream pack 4.0, write to us at contact@prepladder.com with the subject line “PrepLadder Dream Pack NEET-PG Refund” within 48 hours of result declaration, along with your Result Card and Details (Name, Phone Number, College Name, Score, and Rank).

Contact Informationcontact@prepladder.com
Subject LinePrepLadder Dream Pack NEET-PG Refund
DeadlineWithin 48 hours of the result declaration
Details to be Shared via EmailResult CardNamePhone NumberCollege NameScoreRank

Terms & Conditions

The refund offer is valid only on Dream Pack 4.0. In the case of the previous version, the user can’t claim a refund.

On the day of the result declaration, the user must have some validity left on their purchased Dream Pack 4.0. If the validity expires before the NEET-PG result is announced, they can’t ask for a refund on the amount paid to get the subscription.

The user/topper must claim the refund within 48 hours of the result declaration. If they fail to request the refund within two days, the request will be categorized as invalid, and the user won’t be able to get the amount despite meeting the eligibility criteria.

If a PrepLadder user with the rank falling in the category of ‘eligible’ did not purchase the Dream Pack 4.0 but possess subscription to just Notes, they can’t claim the refund.

A user can’t claim the refund offer if they have subscription to Rapid Revision and/or Prof. Packs as it is not applicable on Rapid Revision and Prof. Pack

 The offer is subject to change in the case of any change in the exam date, as it consequently impacts the result date.

This refund offer is an outcome of our understanding of your passion for achieving excellence and making a significant contribution to India’s healthcare services. 

We at Prepladder know that the NEET-PG is more than an exam for you and how hard you have been working to turn your dreams into a beautiful reality. We value the passion, pain, and perseverance that go into owning your dreams, and this refund is our way of expressing it.

All the best!

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