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NEET PG 2023 Toppers’ Success Mantra Revealed 

Mar 15, 2023

NEET PG 2023 Toppers’ Success Mantra Revealed

The much-awaited NEET PG 2023 result has been declared by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) and we are exhilarated to announce that out of the 2,08,898 candidates who appeared in the exam, the top 6 rank holders are from PrepLadder! 

With the top 6 rank holders and a strike rate of 96% in NEET PG 2023 exam, PrepLadder is India’s leading study partner for Medical PG exam preparation

Do you want to know how these toppers aced India’s toughest medical exam? What was the secret that put them at the top of the 2,08,898 candidates? Let’s find out! 

But before that, here’s the list of the Top 6 rank holders with their marks. 

ENT Residency

NEET PG 2023 Toppers and their Marks

Rank NameMarks
1Dr Aarushi Narwani725
2Dr Prem Thilak Palani721
3Dr Rupesh Tholia721
4Dr Sethi Aakash718
5Dr Ameya Machave Prasad717
6Dr Keshav Garg716

Preparation Strategies of NEET PG 2023 Toppers

Now we’ll begin the part you have all been waiting for - the success mantras of the NEET PG 2023 toppers! In the following paragraphs, you will discover the unique study techniques employed by each topper and the words of advice they want to share with their peers and juniors. 

Let’s begin. 

Dr Prem Thilak Palani - AIR 2

Dr Prem’s conversation with our NEET PG faculty Dr Preeti Sharma is honest and is something every NEET PG aspirant can relate to. When asked what a topper strategy looks like, he answered honestly that there is no single best strategy. “Everyone has to make their own strategy’’, he replied. 

Another important piece of advice that Dr Prem would like to share with everyone is to start attempting GTs early in one’s preparation. The general consensus is that solving GTs too early in preparation can be demoralizing. However, he explains that it is better to score low in the mock tests rather than in the actual exam. 

To know his successful preparation strategy, watch the entire conversation below.

Dr Rupesh Tholia - AIR 3

Sir, you have been an inspiration throughout my preparation.’’ These were Dr Rupesh’s first words as he began the conversation with our renowned faculty Dr Deepak Marwah. 

During the COVID lockdown, he completely relied on Dr Marwah’s video lectures and solved QBank questions after studying. He recommends Rapid Revision videos as an excellent source to revise during the last 15-10 days before the exam. 

Watch the video below and learn more about the study strategy that worked for Dr Rupesh.

Dr Aakash Sethi - AIR 4

Dr Aakash Sethi sets the perfect example of how a NEET PG aspirant can use his or her time effectively. 

He says, “While shifting a patient, or waiting while my resident assigns me a task, or whenever I had some free time, I used to solve questions. For example, I used to create Custom Modules or review the mistakes I made in GTs and learn from them.’’

In addition, he credits PrepLadder’s IBQs as an excellent resource for solving tricky questions. 

Watch the complete video to know the secret behind how Dr Aakash achieved such an amazing rank.

Dr Ameya Prasad - AIR 5

Dr Ameya states that he devoted the last 10 days before the exam to his final revision during which he revisited the topics that he usually tends to forget. Luckily, he had a lighter internship posting that helped him save time to practice solving MCQs during breaks. He further states that he used to solve 100-150 MCQs daily, and praised Dr Deepak Marwah Sir’s video lectures that gave an extra edge to his exam preparation.

Watch his candid discussion and success story with Dr Deepak Marwah Sir, our Medicine faculty, below:

Dr Keshav Garg - AIR 6

Dr Keshav Garg says that Dr Rajesh Kaushal’s Anatomy lectures gave him a big boost in achieving conceptual clarity in the subject. For revision, he cites Rapid Revision as a must-have to reinforce important concepts and remember crucial information. Further, he recommends QBank 5.0 as a reliable resource for NEET PG exam preparation. 

To know more about his study techniques and preparation strategies, check out the conversation he has with our Dream Team faculty, Dr Nikita Nanwani.

As you can see, all the toppers credit their NEET PG 2023 success to PrepLadder and highly recommend the app for NEET PG exam preparation.  

But what makes PrepLadder the most preferred study partner for NEET PG toppers? Why do Medical PG aspirants choose to rely on PrepLadder and not any other resource for their exam preparation? 

Why NEET PG Toppers Rely On PrepLadder?

Well, we are not boasting, but time and again, NEET PG toppers have recommended PrepLadder to their colleagues and juniors. The PrepLadder App has the best-in-class features that make NEET PG preparation a cakewalk. 

Given below is a list of those features that make the life of NEET PG aspirants easier. 

Conceptual Video Lectures 

PrepLadder is home to India’s top medical PG faculty who have a proven record of mentoring NEET PG toppers over the past many years. They are incredibly passionate about the subjects they teach and are highly acclaimed in their own fields. 

Further, the lectures are structured in a way that takes the learner from fundamentals to complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. To get an idea of how great the video lectures are, check out the video given below. 

QBank 5.0 

No medical student would ever deny the importance of a Question Bank. Without it, the exam preparation would be just meaningless. And, we at PrepLadder are committed to providing our learners with the most up-to-date and exam-relevant practice material- QBank 5.0. 

We understand that simply solving questions does not guarantee effective preparation. This is why our QBank comes with modifications that make it an exceptional tool for your NEET PG preparation. 

First, it has maximum clinical questions that increase your problem-solving and comprehension skills. Interestingly, NEET PG 2023 exam had 60% clinical questions. This simply proves that our Question bank for NEET PG preparation is curated as per the latest exam pattern.

Second, it comes equipped with Active Guidance. This is a feature that highlights all the important keywords for a particular clinical stem everytime you attempt a question. 

QBank Next Edition  - Mock Tests

Third, you will receive information on micro topics and micro topic-wise analysis to further strengthen your conceptual understanding. 

 micro topics and micro topic-wise analysis

Last but not least, you get a detailed explanation for every correct or incorrect answer you mark. 

Here’s a peek at what’s waiting for you once you open QBank on the PrepLadder App. 

QBank Next Edition on the PrepLadder App
QBank Next Edition on the PrepLadder App

High Performance Mock Tests

Practicing full length mock tests is again, a routine preparation strategy for every aspirant. However, what makes our Mock Tests different is that they are based on the latest NEET PG exam pattern.

In addition, you have the option to view your test progress across different subjects and optimize your preparation strategy accordingly.  

Comprehensive Digital Notes

PrepLadder’s Digital Notes are carefully prepared by India’s top medical faculty and our in-house experts so that you don’t have to worry about missing out on any topic. They comprehensively cover all the high-yield topics and are clinically oriented with feature-rich images so that you are prepared to tackle the latest NEET PG exam pattern. 

And that is not all! Other features like Custom Modules, Treasures and Detailed Performance Analysis are designed to make your exam preparation worry-free and highly effective. 

Now you know how NEET PG 2023 toppers were able to secure such amazing ranks and the study strategies that put them ahead of lakhs of candidates. 

There are lakhs of aspirants who work hard but it is their choice of study partners that makes the crucial difference and puts them at the top. 

And that is exactly what you need to be a NEET PG topper. Head over to the PrepLadder App and enrol in the ELITE Plan now. 

Take the first step on your journey to crack NEET PG 2024. We’ve got you covered!

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