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DNB CET Exam Analysis Day 3, Session 2

Jun 19, 2017

Day 3, Evening session of DNB CET exam was conducted on June 17th 2017. PrepLadder approached as many as 500+ real students who took this exam in order to update you about the standard in the second session of third day of exam. The analysis of this session has been made based on the genuine polling from the candidates who appeared on the Day 3, Session 2 of June 17th DNB CET exam. This blog will give you an idea about type of questions that appeared in this exam.

Detailed Exam Analysis of DNB CET – JUNE 17th 2017 Evening Session. 

Overall Difficulty Level – Moderate: As per the poll results, the Session 2 of June 17, 2017 comprised of moderate level questions. Many candidates shared that many questions were asked from previous years. Again, exam was not lengthy and one can easily go through all the questions if one has decent skills of time management. Deciders/High Weightage Subjects: Decider or the Subject that could bring a fruitful difference to your overall ranking was Biochemistry. Followed by Biochemistry, many questions were also asked from PSM and Anatomy. Low Weightage Subjects: Subjects that carried considerably low weightage in the Evening shift were Orthopedics, ENT and Physiology. Pattern of Questions: In the Evening session of Day 3 exam, many one liners and theoretical questions were seen. If one had good theoretical knowledge, it was easy to answer most of the questions. Very few number of logic and clinical application based questions appeared in this session. Majority of topics were covered. Many questions were seen repeated from same topics. About 30-50 questions were repeated. Repeated questions were also seen; some were direct while some were seen in an indirect manner. Options of some questions were twisted that left the candidate in a dithery situation. Image-Based Questions: This session constituted of about 10 Image-Based MCQs. Level of this type of questions was of moderate difficulty. Distribution of Questions: In DNB CET exam, there are 300 questions in total. Based on the level of difficulty, classification of questions has been done in the following categories:

Actual feedback from students who appeared for DNB CET Jul'17.

NOTE: Depending on the genuine reviews of candidates, approximately 30% of questions in the exam were from short subjects.   Direct Questions from PrepLadder’s Mock Test Series Once again Medical PrepLadder proved to be pivotal in preparation for DNB CET. Exam pattern of Evening session of June 17th 2017 DNB CET Exam matched with the pattern of PrepLadder exams. Many questions were asked from our mock test series. 20-30 questions were repeated from PrepLadder’s Test series. Moreover, image-based questions were repeated directly from PrepLadder mock tests. Many candidates expressed their gratitude as to how PrepLadder’s Mock Test Series assisted them and provided an advantage in order to be ahead of other individuals in this highly competitive exam. June 17th, Day 3 Session 2: Conclusion    Depending on the reviews of candidates, the overall level of exam was of moderate difficulty. Many questions were theoretical based. Moreover, repeated questions also appeared in the exam. About 30% of MCQs were from short subjects. Candidates those who had revised and practised properly, would have surely done good in this session. We hope that this analysis will give you an essence about what type of questions appeared in this session of DNB CET.   Also read: DNB CET Exam Analysis Day 1, Session 2 DNB CET Exam Analysis Day 2, Session 1 DNB CET Exam Analysis Day 2, Session 2 DNB CET Exam Analysis Day 3, Session 1 DNB CET Exam Analysis Day 3, Session 2 DNB CET Exam Analysis Day 4, Session 1 More Updates Will Follow.. Keep Following PrepLadder!!
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