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Everything You Need to Know About QBank Next Edition

Jan 18, 2023

QBank Next Edition

PrepLadder always strives to enrich your learning experience with best-in-class preparation resources.

Continuing with this legacy of providing our students with the most current and reliable preparation resource, we are now launching NEET PG QBank for Next Edition. It is aligned with the proposed NExT exam pattern and is just the tool you need to be prepared for what's coming. 

What's Changing? 

As opposed to a single one-day objective test with 200 questions that made up the NEET PG exam, the NExT exam will be divided into two sessions.

While NExT-1 would be a concurrent all-India multiple-choice question (MCQ) test, NExT-2 would be a practical test. The first part of NExT will have 540 multiple-choice questions. It will be administered over the course of three days.

According to the most recent information, the exam will test the candidate's knowledge and comprehension of the fundamental and clinical sciences pertaining to medical practice.

The overall exam objective will be to judge the candidate's problem-solving and clinical decision-making abilities as well as their capacity for applying knowledge, concepts, and principles. 

NExT exam procedure will be vertically and horizontally integrated, focused primarily on questions that test the application of knowledge rather than basic science memorization.

The Most Significant Preparation Tool for NExT exam - QBank Next Edition

Understanding the change in exam pattern and type of questions that will be asked, PrepLadder has developed QBank Next Edition. Our updated QBank has been developed by subject matter experts keeping in mind the upcoming exam pattern of NExT.

We have moved away from questions that require simple basic science recall to questions that require knowledge application. Moreover, 70% of questions in our QBank are clinically based, which tests and strengthens problem-solving and comprehension skills.  

Key Features of QBank Next Edition 

We have already changed our focus to add more clinical questions in QBank 4.0, which was launched in 2022. QBank Next Edition now goes one step further by including around 70% of clinical questions per the NExT exam pattern.

Besides, we have updated some other critical features to strengthen your exam preparation. The following modifications were done in order to offer you an exceptional preparation tool that will make you NExT-ready.

Questions based on critical clinical scenarios

In order to be prepared for the NExT exam, the importance of clinical questions cannot be emphasized enough. One of the most critical differences between the current NEET PG exam and the upcoming NExT exam is the weightage of clinical questions.

To help you prepare for the same, we have also updated our QBank with over 70% of clinical questions. These questions will strengthen your problem-solving and comprehension skills, which are key to acing the NExT exam.  

Active Guidance for the key points of each question

Active guidance features have been a key aspect of our Qbank 3.0 and 4.0. But for the next edition, we have further improved the feature to strengthen your preparations. What it does is when you attempt a particular question, all the important keywords in the clinical stem will be highlighted to help you with deductive reasoning. 

All questions that call for focus or close attention to detail will be emphasized, with the exception of direct one-liners. The feature will make it easier to understand the pathway to arrive at the correct answer and how to eliminate specific options.  

Additionally, our active guiding function also helps students practice how to rapidly choose the correct answer by skimming through questions, identifying the crucial information that counts, and doing so.

The function will assist you in time management, accuracy improvement, and a strategic approach to long-stem issues.

Relevant Video & Treasures tags with each question

It's a no-brainer that we have also provided the correct answer and explanation for each question in the QBank. But in addition to the explanation, we have also included relevant video lectures and treasure tags with each question.

The feature will help you study in detail the related topics that have been asked in a question and it will be pretty helpful when you encounter a question you don't know the answer to or answer a question incorrectly, or perhaps simply feel stuck while practicing MCQs. 

Addition of Micro topics & their analysis

We've also incorporated an analytics function that will make performance evaluation simpler because QBanks' main objective is to assist you in practicing and evaluating your preparation. 

You'll receive information on Micro topics and micro topics-wise analysis as well, which will further help you strengthen your conceptual understanding.

The Next Challenge - Win Exciting Prizes

As a part of the launch, PrepLadder is organizing an amazing contest that gives you the opportunity to explore our QBank Next Edition and win some exciting prizes. 

The contest will be organized in-app. 

Contest Dates 

  • Jan 21- Feb 11

How to participate?

  • Claim your 10-day QBank Next Edition Trial
  • Attempt maximum question during your trial period with maximum accuracy

What are the prizes?  

  • One year Elite Plan access on scoring rank 1 to 3
  • Three month Elite Plan access on scoring rank 4 to 10
  • Three month QBANK Next Edition Access on scoring rank 11 to 30

We are definite that our updated QBank Next Edition will be a critical preparation tool for medical students. How about you explore all these incredible features by enrolling in our 10 Day FREE trial now? 

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