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Expected Number of Competitors in NEET PG 2017

Aug 22, 2016

Expected Number of Candidates in NEET PG 2017

NEET PG 2017 is coming round the corner and the time has arrived when you need to put in a lot of backbreaking hard work to be able to secure a seat in your dream institution. In addition to putting intense efforts, you need to analyze your competition in the exam. An intense analysis of your competition will help you to align your preparation accordingly. Also read: Everything we know about NEET PG 2017 till now This article will provide an analysis of the Total Number of Candidates appearing in the NEET PG over the previous years and also list the Expected number of candidates in the NEET PG 2017.
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Previous Year Analysis of Total Number of Registered Candidates in AIPGMEE and NEET PG

Year Exam Total Number of competitors
2011 AIPGMEE 65,000
2012 AIPGMEE 70,000
2013 NEET PG 95,673 *37% more than the previous year
2014 AIPGMEE 72,197
2015 AIPGMEE 79,000
2016 AIPGMEE 85,000

Expected Number of Candidates in NEET PG 2017 

Year Exam Expected Number of competitors
  2017   NEET PG  


Even though the number of merit based seats will increase this year (since seats will not be lost to corruption), the competition will still be huge. With 1,17,000 competitors, this year’s NEET PG will the biggest competitive exam Indian medicos have ever had to face. Stay ahead of the curve. Practice with PrepLadder, the most helpful platform for Medical PG aspirants. Thousands of candidates have enrolled already making PrepLadder the best platform for real competition analysis. What’s “PGMEE Guarantee pack” and “Champion’s Blueprint”? How can these packs help you clear NEET PG? If you have any or all of these questions, click here to get all the answers.  

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