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The Champion's Blueprint - Tool to Channelize PGMEE Preparation

Jul 07, 2016

Tool to Channelize PGMEE Preparation
The two big products from PrepLadder that are being used and endorsed by thousands of medical students in India. Hundreds of toppers have attributed their success in PG entrance exams to PrepLadder. All thanks to these 2 products.

What are they? How can they help you clear PGMEE?

Read below to find out....
ENT Residency

What is "The PGMEE Guarantee pack"?

With 6,000+ registered users "PGMEE Guarantee pack" is the biggest and the most acclaimed test series ever hosted for Medical PG aspirants. 12,000+ questions divided among various tests and strategically designed schedule that covers each and every topic.

PGMEE Guarantee pack includes:

  • 60 subject wise tests (3 sets with 20 tests each)
  • 3,500 practice questions.
  • 16 full length mock tests (12 NEET PG + 4 AIIMS PG)

Unique features of "PGMEE Guarantee pack":

  • 15,000+ expected competitors makes "PGMEE Guarantee pack" the best platform for competition analysis.
  • Same software used as the real exam.
  • 12,000+ questions on the latest exam pattern.
  • Customized improvement plan.
  • Answers with detailed solutions and references.
  • Measure your improvement with our detailed analysis.
  • You never miss a test with PrepLadder, take any test when you are prepared.

What is "The Champion’s blueprint"?

A clever tool to channelize your PGMEE preparation in the final few months is now live. Don’t know your weak subjects or topics? Don’t know which topics need more of your concentration in the final months? PrepLadder’s Champion’s Blueprint will tell you all that. How does it work? Champion’s Blueprint consists of 20 subject tests. Each specially designed to cover every topic from that subject. After you take a subject test, our intelligent software will analyze your attempt and give you a lean and channelized Blueprint on how to study that particular subject. What do you get in Champion’s Blueprint? After each test from Champion’s blueprint we will tell you:
  1. Topics that need your attention in the final months sorted by priority. So that you can be better prepared for the exam.
  2. Topics that you’re wasting time on. So that you can practice those topics more and manage time better in exam.
  3. Topics that you make silly mistakes in. So that you can clarify your basic concepts in these topics.
  4. Will also include tips by toppers on how to study that particular subject.
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