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Success Story– How Dr. Manika Malik Cracked INI CET 2021 with Rank 58

Oct 14, 2022

Success Story

Success, it’s something that we all strive for in some form or the other. However, when it comes to medical aspirants there’s one common definition of success and that is achieving a top rank in the entrance exam. 

Dr. Maika Malik achieved Rank 58 in the INI-CET 2021. And, that’s just not it. She changed her rank from 5600 in the November INI-CET 2020 to 58 in just a span of 7 months. Her success story and preparation journey is truly an inspiration for all medical aspirants. 

ENT Residency

Believe in yourself

The first and most important advice that Dr. Manika has for medical aspirants is to believe in yourself. She says, “I think believing in yourself is the first and most important thing that you do while beginning a new journey.

So, you pursue your dream, your goal with utmost positivity and confidence that you can do it.

Start Preparing Early

Dr. Manika Malik started her preparation during her third year and believes that starting early always has a benefit when it comes to competitive exams. She says, “The ideal time is the day when you decide you are going to appear for NEET PG or INI-CET.

Study Material

According to Dr, Manika, if you are an undergraduate preparing for medical PG, then you must read all your standard textbooks carefully. This will enable you to build a strong foundation by developing concept clarity. 

However, if you are post-intern, reading the standard textbooks might not be wise. Reading standard textbooks after the internship is quite a tedious job and with the limited time in hand, it is not an advisable approach. So, you must be selective in your approach toward the study material and you need to follow a particular platform like PrepLadder and stick to it. 

Take Mock Tests

Dr. Manika Malik feels that appearing for mock tests is the most important thing that she did after her November INI CET exam did not go as planned. She says, “After my November INI CET exam did not go well, I gave a lot of tests and analyzed them.”

She further explained that mock tests make you sit for 3 hours straight without losing concentration, which is exactly what you need in the examination hall. So she advises aspirants to take more and more mock tests. You must try to take these mock tests at least once a month in the early phase of your preparation and gradually increase the frequency as the exam day approaches. 

Also, take these mock tests at the same time of the day as your exam is scheduled for. Make sure you analyze your preparation after taking the mock and review your weak points to make improvements.

PrepLadder app has your back with its extensive high-yield QBank. You can solve topic-wise MCQs, review all past year questions or even take timed, untimed full length mock tests to strengthen your preparations.

Practice MCQs

It is incredibly crucial to practice MCQ daily to strengthen your exam preparation. This is because in exams you might get questions from topics you have no idea about, but still you can reach a correct answer by excluding the options. This art of doing MCQs comes from practice. Doing minimum 50 MCQs daily can tune your body and mind into practicing the skills that you need for the exam.

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Time Management

After completing her internship from the Safdarjang hospital, which is one of the busiest hospitals in India with the heaviest internships. From her experience, she knows that time management is a challenge every aspirant faces during their preparation. To overcome this, Dr. Manika suggests practicing MCQs during the duty hours as it just takes a few minutes to answer the question and read the explanation for review. 

You can use the PrepLadder app for practicing MCQs on the go, and also get their explanation linked to the related video lectures. 

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is crucial to recharge yourself. So, you must try to find some time between your preparations to pursue your hobby or indulge in activities that can refresh your body and mind. 

We hope you take heart these excellent preparation tips to ace the upcoming FMG, INI CET & NEET PG 2023 exams. Remember, if she can do it, you can too.

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