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Introducing QBank 2.0: Get addicted to learning

Jun 16, 2020

PrepLadder QBank 2.0 | The Best Ever QBank with 23,000+ High Yield Questions At PrepLadder, we are constantly looking for ways to ease your burdens, improve your learning experience, and create the best content. We collate, study, and analyze your feedback and then use it to come up with ways to do better. The result of our latest efforts and endeavors is PrepLadder QBank 2.0. An updated, improved, and revised version of the PrepLadder QBank, which is now live in the PrepLadder App. If you are an existing PrepLadder Champions Blueprint subscriber, simply update your app from Playstore or AppStore and try this new learning aid for yourself. If you haven't enrolled yet, enroll now, and get addicted to learning.

How's Qbank 2.0 Different?

QBank 2.0 is a comprehensive practice and review resource for all the 19 subjects. Our team along with the Dream Team has worked hard and updated it in a way that will help you make the most of your study time and improve your test scores. We have removed any issues or troubles that were cited in its predecessors. It is more conceptual, clinical, and result-oriented than ever before. So, in short, it's the best available practice and learning tool.

Highlights of Qbank 2.0

Additional Benefits of QBank 2.0

  • Subject wise topic coverage: All the topics covered in the PrepLadder videos are covered in the QBank for NEET PG. Additionally, it gives students an extra edge as it consists of questions beyond the notes and videos too.
  • Includes Integrated Questions: These questions test your knowledge of two or more subjects at the same time. These help you better judge your understanding of concepts and clinical knowledge.
  • Treasures, Notes, Explanations: The explanations have been revised to make them easier to understand, remember, and recall. In turn, they have been mapped with treasures within the app so you can revise easily. Relevant treasures are mapped with multiple MCQs, allowing a good visual recall. Plus, the explanations have been crafted using the notes so that you're able to revise the notes by just solving the Q bank.
  • Variety of Questions: The number of questions covered in QBank 2.0 is over 23,000. There are no repeats. We've added a variety of questions and looking at recent trends has included a lot of clinically oriented questions in all the 19 subjects. Also, the image-based question bank has seen a lot of improvements and we have also added GIF and Video-based questions. Questions in keeping with the latest patterns of different exams are available including NEET, AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER.
  • MCQ Tags & Custom Modules: We have tagged each question into several categories based on the exam, pattern, type so you can create your own custom modules like AIIMS pattern, NEET pattern, Numbers based, one-liners, clinical, image-based, etc. This helps you choose what to revise and how to give you an edge over your competition.
  • New Features: We have added new features like timer, bookmark, review, and reset so you can do the more thorough practice. We have got all questions checked, rechecked, and verified by Faculty as well as toppers. However, you also have the option to 'report an error' to report any mistake, if you find it.
So, trust us, QBank 2.0 is the best ever Question bank. It will give you exactly what you need for the exam. Nothing more. Nothing less. Go ahead, make the best use of PrepLadder QBank 5.0. OWN YOUR DREAM
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