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Sep 12, 2016

There have been a lot of uncertainties arising in doctors’ mind ever since the Government made the announcement that NEET will serve as the sole gateway to Medical PG and Super Specialty admissions across the nation. This article will share the insights of an interview conducted with Prof. Bipin Batra, Executive Director of National Board of Examinations (NBE). Let’s have some excerpts from the Interview:

Q1. Will there be State Quota in NEET PG?

NEET PG is a common qualifying examination. Every owner of the seat including State quota, Private Universities/Institutions will continue to prepare their Merit list as per the Eligibility Criteria. The existing State Quota will remain unchanged.

Q2. Will Private Institutes disclose their course fees while Counseling?

It is mandatory for all the Institutions to reveal their course fees.

Q3. Will Management seats exist in NEET Counseling?

The Management seats are not subject to change as per the current regulation governing admission to UG/PG seats.

Q4. Will All India Pool remain same or Increase?

The All India Pool (Quota) for UG is 15% of the seats owned by Central/State Government Institutions and 50% in case of PG seats.

Q5. Kindly elaborate on the number of additional marks to be given to PG aspirants who have served in rural areas?

The details pertaining to this will be announced by the respective State Governments within the overall parameters prescribed by the Central Government.

Q6. When will NEET Super Specialty 2017 be conducted?

NEET SS 2017 will be conducted in May-June 2017.

Q7. Will Andhra Pradesh contribute its Medical PG seats to the central pool and will Medical graduates from Andhra Pradesh be allowed to take seats outside Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh has been granted a special status thereby the state does not contribute its Medical PG seats to the All India 50% pool and consequently, medical graduates from the State cannot participate in the All India Quota. Also read: Everything we know about NEET PG 2017 till now

Q8. Sir, Elaborate on the fees regulation. Does the Private Colleges possess the autonomy to charge as their own or will there be any concession for the candidates qualifying NEET?

A State-level committee has been set up comprising representatives of State Governments and a former judge of High Court as the Chairman of the Committee. The fee structure for the Private Institutions will be fixed by this Committee and the fee schedule will be prescribed by the State level Committees.

Q9. Elaborate on Jammu and Kashmir CET?

Jammu and Kashmir has been conferred a special status wherein the state does not give its share to the All India 50% pool and as a result, state cannot participate in the All India Quota. Nonetheless, the State falls under the ambit of NEET.

Q10. Elaborate on service candidate in TN since students joined service for the exclusive purpose of service quota?

Service Quota and rights of any State to crack or modify Service Quota will remain same and will not be subject to change.

Q11. Some Private Colleges have already announced their Super Speciality exam dates and registrations have been completed? Kindly highlight on the status of those exams?

NEET SS 2017 will be conducted in May-June 2017. The other details of NEET SS will be declared in due course of time.

Q12. Elaborate on whether Christian Medical College of Vellore fall under the ambit of NEET or not?

Yes, all Medical colleges including CMC, Vellore will fall under the ambit of NEET.

Q13. Sir, kindly elaborate in which month will the NEET PG 2017-18 Exam be conducted and who will be the conducting authority – AIIMS or NBE? Whether it would be a Single day exam or Multiple Day exam?

The Conducting Authority for NEET PG 2017 would be National Board of Examinations (NBE). The details for the exam will be disclosed in a very short while. The exam will be conducted in the CBT mode in December 2016.

Q14. Kindly elaborate on the status of Reservation in NEET. Will there be any cutoff marks for the Reserved Categories or there will be no Minimum marks limit?

The cutoff marks for the various categories will be as per the regulations applicable. The reservation scheme for the various categories will remain same in compliance with the Constitutional Provisions.

Q15. Kindly elaborate on whether there would be Centralized Counseling for Private and Deemed Universities’ PG seats or students will have to apply again to these Counseling bodies to appear in their Merit list?

The counseling details for the different categories of seats will be disclosed by the respective State Governments/Private or Deemed Universities/Institutions and further insights on this would be revealed by the respective authorities.

Q16. Sir, kindly elaborate on whether the Interns of 2016 be eligible for the NEET PG to be conducted in the month of December?

Candidates pursuing Internship in 2016 will be eligible for NEET PG for admission to 2017 session. No candidate would be adversely impacted.

Q17. Kindly elaborate on the NEET MDS Conducting Authority – whether NBE or AIIMS? Please elaborate on whether there would be negative marking in NEET MDS?

The conducting authority for NEET MDS would be National Board of Examinations (NBE). The scheme and other details will be declared in a short while.

Q18. Kindly elaborate whether NIMHANS be included under NEET?

NIMHANS has a statutory status and has been established through an act of Central legislature. It is not binding on NIMHANS to participate in NEET, however NIMHANS has the option to participate in NEET PG/SS.

Q19. Kindly elaborate on the status of DNB CET?

DNB CET will not be conducted any further from the year 2017 and NEET PG scores will be considered for DNB Admissions. We hope that this article will surely resolve your confusions pertaining to NEET PG. Stay Tuned for More Updates! Also read our blogs on high-yield topics (subject-wise) for NEET PG 2023 Preparation:
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