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PrepLadder QBank 3.0: As Good As it Gets | Launching 7th May 2021

Apr 23, 2021

PrepLadder QBank 3.0: As Good As it Gets | Launching 7th May 2021
Helmut Schmidt said, “the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement” and at PrepLadder we are constantly looking for ways to improve the tools we offer you, our dreamers. Our ultimate goal is and has always been to make your medical exam preparation easier and more convenient. Our latest endeavor in this direction is the introduction of PrepLadder QBank 3.0. Believe us, it is as good as it gets. And before you ask, let us tell you, that it is included in the 2021 Dream Pack. So, if you are already a PrepLadder premium subscriber, you’ll get full access to this new QBank 3.0 starting 7th May 2021. And if you aren’t a premium subscriber yet, enroll now on www.prepladder.com

Why PrepLadder QBank 3.0 is As Good As It Gets?

Well, because this comes with features that you didn’t even know you needed. With QBank 2.0, we took your feedback and created a masterpiece with 23,000+ high yield questions. This time around, we aren’t only giving you features that you asked for, but also features you need, like active guidance, connected explanations, and more. These amazing features will set a benchmark for medical education. They will help you prepare not only for NEET and NEXT but also build long-lasting knowledge and understanding. 

Amazing Features of PrepLadder QBank 3.0

Active Guidance

QBank 3.0 will include an extraordinary feature called ‘Active Guidance’. It will give you an extra edge in your exam preparation. The idea behind active guidance is to help you learn how to approach a question.  So, how would it work? Well, after you attempt a question, the keywords in the clinical stem will get highlighted. This will help you in understanding why certain options were ruled out as incorrect and how the right answer was reached at. With long clinical scenarios, you tend to waste lots of time reading the question. This feature will help you understand how to skim through questions, focus on information that matters and reach the correct answer quickly. So, this feature will help you in improving your response time as well as accuracy.

80% Clinical Questions

Yes, you read it right! QBank 3.0 is more clinical than ever. Keeping pace with the latest exam trends, we have modified the NEET PG QBank to include more than 80% clinical questions. The more questions you have, the more you will be able to practice. So, get ready to practice even better.

Integration with Video Lectures

Now don’t just practice the questions, understand them better with Related Video Lectures and Solutions. So, if a question and its explanation make you realize you don’t know the topic enough, watch the related videos. You will now find a video lecture attached to every explanation. These are time-stamped links, meaning the video will play from the point where the relevant topic starts. This will help you get a detailed overview of the topic, without wasting any time.

System Tags to Compliment New Learning Style

Previously, you were only able to solve questions based on subject-wise and topic-wise demarcations. However, with the introduction of QBank 3.0, you’ll get a chance to club and solve questions based on system-wise demarcation too. The custom module will now include system tags too such as the Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Nervous system.  This will help you to integrate the subjects better and subsequently enhance your learning and understanding.   

Precise Explanations with link to Treasures

If QBank 3.0 has a variety of questions, it also has precise and conceptual explanations for better understanding. Not only do you get explanations for why an answer is correct, but we have also tried to explain why other answers are incorrect wherever possible. Plus, all explanations have been linked to relevant Treasures (Summary notes). Why Treasures? It’s simple, to save you precious time and make your exam preparation easier and more convenient.  Everything said and done, PrepLadder QBank 3.0 is and will be your ultimate practice tool for medical exams. It will give you exactly what you need for the exam. Nothing more. Nothing less. As we said, “It’s As Good As It Gets.” So, get ready to experience PrepLadder QBank 3.0, launching on 7th May 2021.
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