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All About the Recent INI-CET Exam Pattern Change & How To Cope?

Nov 02, 2023

All About the Recent INI-CET Exam Pattern Change & How To Cope?

Attention all! Here’s a major update for all the candidates appearing for the upcoming INI-CET exam to be conducted on 5th November ‘23 and thereafter. The All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi has announced a change in the exam pattern effective from this exam session onwards.

Yes! It’s last-minute and we understand how the sudden nature of this change might be overwhelming for aspirants who've diligently prepared based on the previous exam pattern. Your minds are likely brimming with questions right now.

So, here’s a detailed blog answering all your questions about the updated INI-CET exam pattern. Read further, to know what’s changed and the best strategies to cope with the same.  

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INI-CET Latest Exam Pattern - What changed?

As per the communication sent by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the scheme of the examination will remain the same. The exam will still be conducted in the online mode featuring 200 multiple choice questions that must be answered in 180 minutes. There has been no change in the marking scheme of the exam as well. However, what’s changed is the structure of the question paper. 

  • The question paper will be divided into 4 parts on a random basis
  • Each part will be divided into 50 question sets with 45 minutes duration for the set.
  • Candidates will be able to access each set one by one in a pre-defined sequence.
  • Access to the visible/active set will be automatically disabled once the time duration of 45 minutes expires. The next set will be automatically activated thereafter.
  • Each set will be automatically submitted after the respective 45 minutes expires and after the completion of all 4 sets the question paper will be automatically submitted.
  • You will be only allowed to attempt questions from the active set. Once a set is submitted, you cannot come back to review or answer any skipped questions.
  • Questions marked for review in any part will not be considered for evaluation. 

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What should be your strategy for the Updated INI-CET exam pattern?

The change to the INI-CET exam pattern is daunting, especially because it’s very last-minute. It has left aspirants wondering about the best ways to adapt and cope with the new requirements. Considering the exam's significance in determining the trajectory of a medical career, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve and be well-prepared for what lies ahead.

Below, we offer invaluable insights on how to tackle this shift effectively. But before that, here are a few points to note - 

  • Changing the exam pattern is a norm in INI-CET, and the authorities often experiment with it to test aspirants' nerves and adaptability.
  • The introduction of the block-wise examination system with four 45-minute segments aims to enhance competitiveness and decision-making abilities under time constraints.
  • Each block of questions will only be visible once, which calls for more effective time management techniques and a focused approach for the exam.
  • While this change might seem overwhelming, it also offers unique advantages, such as preventing last-minute changes to your responses. 

Now, mentioned below are some of the best ways to cope with the updated INI-CET exam pattern.

Understand the change

The most effective strategy to cope with the changed INI CET exam pattern is to familiarize yourself with the changes. Understanding the implications of the changes will enable you to optimize your preparations and approach the exam with confidence

We have already discussed the changes in detail above. Go through them and try to figure out the necessary adjustments you need to make in your strategy to become better prepared for the final exam. 

Also, take mock tests. It will calm your nerves and boost your confidence. Moreover, taking mock tests will be an amazing opportunity to practice time-management under conditions similar to the actual exam.

Stay calm and focused

Last-minute changes in the exam pattern is bound to make even the most well-prepared candidate nervous. So, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and even feel anxious. But know this, the scheme of examination, syllabus and types of questions asked remains the same.

So, calm yourself, avoid getting stressed and try to channel your energy towards adapting your preparation techniques to suit the new system. 

Practice Time Management 

The new exam pattern has introduced a block-wise system, with four blocks of 50 questions each. As per this new pattern, once you finish a block, it will be automatically submitted and become inaccessible. Therefore, you will need to manage your time effectively and approach each block strategically.

Take time to work on a structured approach that will help you answer the 50 questions from each block within the allocated time duration of 45 minutes. This way you won't spend too much time on any single question and will be able to answer maximum questions.

Utilize the remaining time effectively

You merely have hours before the final exam. So, it's essential to utilize the remaining time wisely. Prioritize revision, and ensure that you cover all high-yield topics comprehensively. Also, keep practicing MCQs to strengthen your overall exam readiness.

Lastly, remember, stay calm, focused and maintain a composed mindset. Carefully read all the instructions before starting the exam and approach it with confidence. 

All the best!

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