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5 Proven Tips to Prepare for NEET PG Along With A Job

Jun 13, 2023

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Tips to Prepare for NEET PG Along With A Job

5 Proven Tips to Prepare for NEET PG Along With A Job

Tips to Prepare for NEET PG Along With A Job

Preparing for NEET PG while managing a job can be quite challenging. And overcoming these challenges requires a strategic approach and effective time management. Here are some proven tips to help you navigate these challenges:

  1. Create a Study Schedule

    Let’s be real, it’s impossible for a working professional to dedicate 8-10 hours per day to preparations. Even if you try, you will only be able to follow it for a few days before it becomes mentally and physically taxing.

    Therefore, the very first step in your preparation journey should be designing a realistic schedule that fits your work hours and one that you can actually follow through everyday.

    Allocate specific time slots for studying and stick to the schedule consistently. This will ensure that you have dedicated study time without neglecting your job responsibilities.

    Mentioned below is a recommended schedule that you can follow or use to tailor one as per your learning needs and preferences:

    Morning Routine:

    • Wake up early to make the most of the day.
    • Engage in light physical exercise or meditation to refresh your mind.
    • Dedicate 1-2 hours for focused study before heading to work.
    • Prioritize high-yield subjects or topics during this time.
    • Use active learning techniques like flashcards or summarizing concepts.

    Work Hours:

    • Stay focused and efficient at work to maximize productivity.
    • Utilize short breaks to review important points or solve MCQs.

    Evening Study Session:

    • Allocate a dedicated time slot of 2-3 hours (as your routine allows) for intensive study after work.
    • Divide this time to cover different subjects or topics.
    • Use study resources like video lectures to maximize productivity.


    • Reserve weekends for more extensive study sessions.
    • Devote 5-8 hours each day to revise topics, solve practice questions, and take neet pg mock tests.
    • Identify weak areas and allocate extra time for their improvement.
    It must be noted that this is just a tentative schedule, and you can adjust it according to your work hours, energy levels, and learning preferences. Try to be flexible and adapt the schedule to fit your needs. Keep in mind that the most important thing is ensuring consistency and discipline towards your NEET PG preparation.

  2. Have a Timetable

    Besides determining your study schedule, it’s also crucial to develop a strategic study timetable. This means determining the best plan to conquer and revise the entire NEET PG exam syllabus efficiently within a limited time.

    After you’ve assessed the number of hours you can spend studying daily, setting specific targets for each study session will amplify your productivity.

    In order to complete this, follow the steps listed below:

    • Identify your high-priority tasks and focus on strengthening them first. Determine the most important topics or subjects for NEET PG and allocate more time to study them.
    • Determine your weaknesses and allot specific time to work on them.
    • Try to utilize morning hours for reading and the evening study time for solving MCQs.
    • Make sure to spare time for multiple revisions since it will help ensure information retention.
    • Periodically review your study timetable to assess its effectiveness. Identify areas of improvement, adjust the schedule as needed, and be open to making changes to optimize your study routine.
    Optimize your study environment

    Create a conducive study environment that minimizes distractions. Find a quiet and well-lit space where you can concentrate and study effectively. Inform your family or roommates about your study schedule to avoid interruptions.

  3. Utilize your Breaks and Commute Time

    Every minute counts!

    It’s vital to make the most of your breaks and commute time to make significant progress in your exam preparation. Since you already have very limited time to prepare, identifying and utilizing the pockets of time you can dedicate to studying can enhance your productivity.

    In order to do this, you can -

    • Plan in advance on smaller topics or MCQ’s that can be covered during break or while commuting
    • Carry study materials with you so you can make sure to follow through.
    • Utilize any additional free time for revision or practicing MCQs.
    • Avoid distractions and delays to ensure efficiency.
    • Use time with friends to discuss topics you find complicated.

  4. Leverage Technology and Study Resources

    Technology can be an invaluable tool in your preparation journey when used right.

    You can easily use technology to enhance your learning experience and maximize your productivity. For instance, PrepLadder app allows you to complete your entire NEET PG exam preparations online.

    From detailed video lectures for all topics of 19 subjects to MCQs and mock tests for practice, you get all study resources at one place. Not just that, you also get to use the app and keep learning even when you are on the go.

    Besides the NEET PG preparation app, there are several other apps to streamline your schedule, manage your timetable and enhance your productivity. When used correctly, you can utilize these online platforms, and digital study resources like PrepLadder to strengthen your exam preparations multifold.

  5. Seek Support and Delegate Tasks

    At work, it’s important to communicate with your employer and colleagues about your exam preparation.

    If possible, request their support in managing your workload or adjusting your schedule. Also explore options such as flexible working hours. You can try to delegate non-essential tasks to create more time for studying.

    Similarly, at home you must seek support from your family. Their support and understanding can provide you with the necessary time and mental space to focus on your studies. However, if you are living alone, you must consider hiring house help to save the time you would otherwise spend managing household chores.

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