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How to Use Technology To Boost Your FMG Exam Preparation 

Mar 31, 2023

How to use technology to boost FMG exam preparation

FMGE is not just a challenging exam but an immensely competitive one as well. 

In addition to discipline, perseverance, and dedication, it also calls for "smart study." This means to lock in success, you must look towards strategies that help you learn faster and retain more information. 

Technology can be a valuable tool and a boon to your preparation journey. The right kind can help you manage your time effectively, improve productivity and enhance your learning experience. 

So, in this post, we'll look at how to use technology to boost your FMGE exam preparations.

FMGE Mock Test

Here's How to Use Technology to Boost your FMGE Preparation

Below are some of the best and most effective ways to use technology for stepping up your preparations - 

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Use Apps for Study Resources

Apps are a great way to make studying more interactive and engaging. Apps like PrepLadder will give you access to everything that you'll need to make your preparation more effective. From video lectures of India's top medical faculty and concise notes of all 19 subjects to QBank for MCQ practice, previous year questions and much more. 

Use Apps to Study with your Buddy Online 

Studying with others is an effective way to stay motivated and accountable. You can connect with classmates or other students studying for the same exam with online study groups. 

PrepLadder app allows you to create a friend list and prepare together with your friends. You can share notes, ask questions, and collaborate on study materials. It also enables you to monitor your performance and track your progress.

Use Apps for Digital Note-taking

Gone are the days of scribbling notes in a notebook. With digital note-taking tools like Evernote and OneNote, you can easily organize and access your notes anytime and from anywhere. 

Plus, these apps also allow you to create and store your notes in one place, making them more easily accessible even on the go. You can also use them to collaborate with classmates or share notes with others.

Use Apps for Time Management 

Managing your time effectively is key to exam success. 

With so much to study and review, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Time management tools and planners can help you prioritize tasks and determine what needs to be done first. You can avoid procrastination and stay motivated by breaking down your study schedule into manageable chunks.

Plus, when you have a set schedule to follow, it can be easier to stay focused and avoid distractions. Planners can help you schedule specific study times and allocate specific tasks to those times. This helps you make the most of your study sessions and ensure you use your time efficiently.

Best of all, you can keep track of your progress, which is crucial during exam preparation. 

Time management tools and planners allow you to monitor the tasks you've completed and track your progress towards your goals. This helps you identify areas where you may need to put in more effort and adjust your study plan accordingly.

Use Apps to Practice MCQs Online 

Practicing MCQs is a great way to strengthen your exam preparations. And PrepLadder app gives you access to the QBank Next Edition with questions based on the latest exam pattern. In fact, it features over 70% clinical-based questions that you can practice to build your clinical and analytical skills. 

By practicing questions, you can become familiar with the exam's format and gain confidence in answering them accurately.

In addition, the PrepLadder app also offers access to mock tests, giving you a real feel of the exam and helping build time management skills and accuracy.

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Use Apps to Stay Calm

Exam preparations can be stressful. But at the same time, stress is your biggest enemy. To perform at your highest level, you must work towards staying calm. Apps that offer guided meditations and mindfulness exercises can help tackle key problem areas like sleep, waking up, working out, focusing, relaxing, and more.

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In conclusion, technology has revolutionized the way we learn and study. By using these tools, you can make studying more engaging, collaborative, and effective. 

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