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How to Start FMGE Preparation for Dec 2023

Mar 30, 2023

How to Start FMGE Preparation for Dec 2023

Do you feel like you don’t know how to start FMG exam preparation for Dec 2023? Is the amount of syllabus to be covered before the exam making you anxious?

Well, there's one simple solution to all your woes! Having a strategic approach towards your preparation which starts with understanding the exam pattern and, more precisely, knowing the subject-wise weightage for FMGE Dec 2023.

In other words, you need to know which subjects are more important and carry more marks and which are less critical and have fewer marks.

This information can help you prioritize your study plan and focus your efforts on the FMGE subjects that matter the most. 

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the subject-wise weightage and provide you with some valuable tips on how to start FMGE preparation for Dec 2023 in a way that assures success. So, let's get started!

FMGE 2023 Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme

As per the latest exam pattern, FMG will be a computer-based exam with 300 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and the exam duration is 5 hours.

The exam is divided into two parts, and there is a scheduled break of 2 hours between the two parts. The break time is not included in the overall duration of the exam.

The questions asked in the exam are based on the MBBS curriculum. Every correct answer scores 1 mark, and there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

Subject-wise weightage for FMGE Dec 2023

The subject-wise distribution of questions for the FMGE Dec 2023 is as follows:

PartSubjectNo. of Questions
Part AAnatomy17 questions
Physiology17 questions
Biochemistry17 questions
Pathology13 questions
Microbiology13 questions
Pharmacology13 questions
Forensic Medicine10 questions
Total100 questions
Part BMedicine and Allied Subjects  
Medicine33 questions
Psychiatry5 questions
Dermatology5 questions
Radiotherapy5 questions
Surgery and Allied Subjects  
Surgery32 questions
Paediatrics15 questions
Ophthalmology15 questions
Obstetrics and Gynaecology30 questions
ENT15 questions
Community Medicine30 questions
Total:200 questions

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FMGE Elite Plan

Important Tips on How to Start FMGE Preparation 

Now that you know the marks distribution of every subject in the FMG exam, it's time to look at a preparation strategy to help you qualify. Read further to know how to start FMG exam preparation: 

Begin with Pre & Para Clinical Subjects

The pre and para-clinical subjects hold 1/3rd weightage in exams of 100 marks. These are also the core subjects that form the foundation for all clinical subjects and hence you must focus on brushing up your conceptual understanding of these subjects. Covering these subjects first will make your foundation strong and will also give you a charge of 100 marks in the FMG exam.

Conquer Medicine and Surgery 

Medicine is a vast subject and accounts for around 30-35 questions in the FMG exam. In addition to general medicine, if you also cover the allied subjects, psychiatry, dermatology and radiotherapy, you will be able to pull 50 marks from this section alone. 

Similarly, surgery holds a weightage of 30-35 questions in the exam and along with its allied subjects, anaesthesia, radiodiagnosis and orthopaedics it accounts for a total of 50 marks. 

Surgery, medicine, and allied subjects have a substantial weightage in the exam. This means conquering these subjects will yield you an excellent outcome in terms of your exam score. 

Identify High-Yield Topics

Next, identify all the high-yield topics and focus your FMG exam preparation on those high-probability topics to increase your chances of success. This will allow you to allocate your study time and effort more efficiently. Here are some more reasons why it is a good strategy:

  • Maximize your score: By focusing on high-probability topics, you increase the likelihood of answering the questions correctly. This can improve your score and give you a better chance of passing the exam.
  • Efficient use of time: Studying high-probability topics allows you to use your study time more efficiently. Instead of spending equal time on every topic, you can prioritize your study time on the areas that are most likely to be tested. This can help you cover more material in less time.
  • Boost your confidence: Knowing that you are well-prepared in the areas most likely to be tested can help boost your confidence. This can help you feel more relaxed and focused during the exam, which can improve your performance.
  • Reduce stress: Focusing on high-probability topics can reduce the stress associated with trying to cover all the material. By having a clear understanding of the areas that are most likely to be tested, you can feel more in control of your exam preparation.

It is important to note that focusing only on high-probability topics should not be your sole strategy. It is still important to have a basic understanding of all the material and be prepared for any surprises in the exam.

Practice MCQs

FMG is an objective type exam that consists of MCQs. By practising MCQs, you can enhance your exam skills, including your ability to understand and analyze questions, eliminate wrong answers, and select the best answer.

In addition to that, practising MCQs can help you identify your knowledge gaps and focus your study efforts on areas where you need improvement. With regular practice, you will be able to memorize and retain information better. Plus, it will also improve your speed and accuracy, allowing you to answer more questions in less time.

PrepLadder has a vast QBank featuring over 70% clinical-based MCQs as per the latest exam pattern. It’s important that you access the QBank and practice at least 100-150 questions daily.

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In conclusion, you must prepare for the FMG exam in a focused manner. You will need to set clear objectives and goals so that you can work on the topics that require your attention the most and ensure that your time and effort are spent in the most efficient manner. 

Leveraging the above tips, you will be able to gain a deep understanding of the concepts, theories, and principles required to succeed in your exams. 

We hope this blog has answered your questions on how to start FMGE preparation. Stay tuned for more such informative tips that will strengthen your exam preparations.

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