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Chasing Dreams: Dr Aakar Prabhu's Unforgettable Journey to INI-CET 2023 AIR 1

May 23, 2023

Dr Aakar Prabhu - INI-CET Rank 1

In the realm of medical entrance exams, the INI-CET holds a special place, representing a gateway to the dreams of aspiring doctors. It is a test that demands unwavering dedication, relentless preparation, and an indomitable spirit. Dr Aakar Prabhu conquered this challenging exam and achieved AIR 1 in the recent INI-CET 2023 examination.

Discover how Dr Aakar Prabhu traversed the path towards this extraordinary achievement, manoeuvred through the maze of challenges and uncertainties, and meticulously crafted a study schedule that became his guiding light. 

His success story will serve as a beacon of hope for all aspiring medical professionals, illustrating that dreams can be turned into reality with unwavering dedication, strategic planning, and a belief in oneself.

We hope you learn from his experiences, embrace his strategies, and relentlessly chase your dreams.

ENT Residency

Strategic Planning from the Start: The Early Years

Starting early for medical PG Exam preparation comes with numerous benefits. It provides ample time to cover the vast syllabus, delve deep into subjects, and develop a strong foundation. 

Dr Aakar Prabhu understood these benefits and knew that his preparation had to begin from the first year of his undergraduate studies.

This allowed him to manage his time effectively, continuously evaluate his preparations, increase the scope for improvement, reduce exam anxiety, and significantly enhance his chances of success in the exam. 

Seeking Guidance from Seniors: Collaborative Learning

The news about the change in medical PG exam pattern had already started making the rounds when Dr Aakar was pursuing his MBBS. Amidst the confusion, he sought guidance from his seniors and formulated his preparation strategy accordingly. 

He carefully analysed their suggestions and made fine adjustments to suit his own strengths and weaknesses while also considering his personal learning style.

Dr Aakar Prabhu also sought the guidance of his senior colleagues when it came to evaluating mock tests and making improvements in exam preparation. They played a crucial role in helping him review the GTs and provided valuable insights that contributed to his overall preparation.

Tackling the Challenge of Standard Textbooks

According to Dr Aakar, tackling the humongous textbooks of all 19 subjects to cover the exam syllabus was one of his biggest challenges. However, he understood that standard textbooks are the best resource for developing a deep conceptual understanding of the subject matter.

Hence, he dedicated his first and second years to understanding how to read these comprehensive textbooks effectively. He learned which points should be given importance. He focused on studying in a manner that would prepare him for both university exams and the medical PG exam, including INI-CET. 

As the end of the second year approached, Dr Aakar Prabhu started incorporating preparation apps and QBank to enhance his learning experience.

Clocking the Hours: Dr Aakar Prabhu's Study Regime

During his undergraduate days, he allocated 2-3 hours of study time after college. However, when he started his internship, it became more challenging to manage the study schedule. 

He started slow but remained consistent to improve his efficiency. As the internship progressed and he neared the exam, he increased his study hours to 10-12 per day. The dedication and hard work he put in during this period were truly remarkable, and it showed in the final result.

Secret Success Myntra

Dr Aakar used the PrepLadder app to identify the topics that required more focus and then also referred to the corresponding sections in the standard textbooks. This approach helped him gain an edge and narrow down his vision, making his preparation more linear and exam-oriented. 

Also, reading the standard textbooks repeatedly created a pictorial memory in his brain, enabling quicker recall. It contributed to the development of critical thinking skills by fostering a deeper conceptual understanding.

Enhancing Preparation with Grand Tests 

Dr Aakar Prabhu emphasised the significance of taking full-length Mock Tests and using custom modules on the PrepLadder app. Mock Tests were instrumental in setting a baseline and understanding his strengths and weaknesses. 

He emphasised the importance of reviewing the mock tests rather than simply taking them. Additionally, exposing himself to image-based questions regularly also helped him develop a better understanding and improve his visual diagnostic skills without getting overwhelmed.

Dr Aakar recommends taking mock tests at a frequency of one every 15 days.

Staying Calm and Confident

Dr Aakar Prabhu's journey was not only defined by long study hours and academic rigour. He recognized the importance of maintaining a balance, indulging in hobbies, and taking well-deserved breaks to rejuvenate his mind and soul. 

While studying hard was crucial, Dr Aakar Prabhu also emphasized the importance of taking breaks and pursuing his hobbies. These breaks allowed him to rejuvenate, relax, and, most importantly, keep the exam anxiety at bay when the D day approached.

Family Support: A Driving Force in the Journey

Throughout this awe-inspiring journey, Dr Aakar Prabhu was not alone. His family stood firmly by his side, providing unwavering support and valuable insights. Their presence fueled his motivation, enabling him to push beyond boundaries and exceed expectations. Their unwavering belief in his abilities significantly contributed to his success.

As the INI-CET exam approached, Dr Aakar Prabhu knew he had to approach it relaxedly. With his meticulous preparation and hard work behind him, he confidently took the exam and qualified for it with flying colours.

Dr Aakar Prabhu's journey to achieving AIR 1 in the INI-CET 2023 examination is a testament to his unwavering dedication and strategic approach to studying. From meticulously planning his study schedule to utilising standard textbooks, mock tests, and custom modules, he left no stone unturned in his pursuit of excellence. 

You can watch Dr Aakar Prabhu's interview with Dr Vyshnavi and listen to him discuss his preparation strategies.

As aspiring medical professionals, you can draw inspiration from Dr Aakar Prabhu's story and apply his strategies to your own preparation. With the right mindset, dedication, strategic planning, and reliable INI-CET/NEET PG preparation resources like PrepLadder, you, too, can chase your dreams and achieve success in your endeavours. 

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