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Cheat Codes You Must Know To Solve MCQs Quickly & Accurately

Nov 24, 2023

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Time Management 

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Answering the Questions Effectively

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Cheat codes for MCQs

How do you normally solve MCQs while practicing for the NEET PG or FMGE exam? Do you serially go from one question to another? Do you simply skip the complex and challenging questions? 

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’ then you need to up your game to score a decent rank.

You must understand that acing NEET PG/ INI-CET/ FMGE is not just about drowning yourself in textbooks, but working smartly and strategically through the questions.

This is why we are here to let you in on all cheat codes that will help you solve MCQs quickly and accurately. 

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Time Management 

We all face the fear of running out of time when it comes to the NEET PG or FMGE exams. This is why it’s important to strategize your time well to ensure that you attempt maximum questions. You already know the exam pattern - for NEET PG you have to solve 200 questions in 3.5 hours and for FMGE you get 150 minutes to solve 300 MCQs. This information lets you plan how many minutes you will spend on each question.

In addition to that, learning time management will require taking mock tests in a timed manner where you can practice section-wise time allocation, strategically skipping questions, monitoring time spent on each question, and developing a mindful pacing strategy that works for you. Regular self-assessment, coupled with adaptive strategies will ensure a balanced and confident approach to the final exam.

Analyze the Question 

To increase your score in NEET PG / FMGE, it’s crucial to make sure that you answer maximum questions accurately. The most critical way to answer MCQs accurately is to read and understand the questions carefully before answering. 

It’s important to work on your comprehension skills so that you can read lengthy questions fast and are able to understand what’s being asked, especially for clinically scenario-based questions.

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Besides, make it a practice to analyze the wording of the question and identify negative or judgmental phrases. Qualifiers like time indicators, superlatives, and conditionals are another thing to pay attention to. 

Most importantly, before you look at the provided options, you must try to answer the question based on your own knowledge of that topic. Make this a habit while practicing MCQs before the exam as this approach also aids recall and information retention.

Answering the Questions Effectively

To ensure that you answer the MCQs accurately, carefully go through all the choices. Next, eliminate options that seem incorrect to you based on your understanding of the question, and then select the option that fully addresses the question. Additionally, you must also look out for terms like "always," "never," and "none of the above" in the options. 

Make smart guesses

As per the FMG exam pattern, there is no negative marking, which means it’s worth making educated guesses. Even for NEET PG, negative marking is ¼, which means smart guesses can help you get closer to your desired score/rank rather than leaving a question unmarked. You can follow the elimination method for making smart guesses.

The Elimination Method

As the name suggests, the elimination method is a strategic MCQ-solving technique that helps you reach the correct answer. You are required to rule out the incorrect choices systematically. To leverage this technique, the first step is to understand the question and identify the key terms that will guide your answer choices. 

Also, go through the given options and analyze them one by one. Consider the options that align with your understanding of the question and eliminate the choices that are factually incorrect, or seem inconsistent with the question

If you have some knowledge of the topic, apply it to eliminate choices that conflict with what you know. Try to make educated guesses based on your knowledge of the topic. After systematically narrowing down the options, trust your instincts and select the answer you believe is most likely correct.

Practice Consistently 

There’s no cheat code more effective than consistently practicing as many MCQs as possible before taking the actual exam. It will reinforce your understanding of key concepts and also enhance your problem-solving skills.

Moreover, practicing MCQs will train your brain to retrieve information from the ocean of knowledge you’ve gained and reach the right answer quickly. It conditions your mind for the challenges of the actual exam. Gradually, you develop a muscle memory but for your intellectual faculties. 

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Make sure to use these tips and tricks to enhance your speed and accuracy while solving MCQs and we are sure you’ll be able to increase your score in the exam. 

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